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Sound therapy with gongs

Sounds that make the body tremble, bright or deep tones that penetrate not only our ears, but also our mind – from a gong emanates a meditative and magical effect, hidden in the beauty of its sound. Thus, the areas in which gongs are used have changed again and again over the centuries. The healing effect of the harmonic sounds was often the focus.

Even today, sound therapy with gongs is still very popular. We explain how you can use the healing effect of gongs for yourself and which playing techniques are suitable for this.

The most important for you summarized

– The high and low tones of the gong can have a calming and harmonizing effect.
– Positive effects of sound therapy with gongs can be observed on the body and psyche.
– Through sound waves, the calming effect is transmitted to our body.
– Sound therapy with gongs is varied and can be individually adapted to each person and different needs.
– Olli Hess gongs are particularly suitable for therapeutic use due to their high quality.

What is the Gong Therapy?

The fascinating sounds of the gong have touched people for thousands of years. While for a long time the gong was mainly used as a ritual instrument at special festivities, today it can also be found at concerts as a gentle background melody. The healing effect of the gong unfolds through the sound waves that are created when playing the instrument and penetrate the human body.

During our life our body is always in changing phases. In everyday life, rapid, intense vibrations often permeate the body, while during sleep at night the vibration ratio calms down considerably. New phases of life can also have an influence on our inner vibrations – for example, menopause, a midlife crisis or puberty. In everyday life, however, it is more external factors that play a role. Stress at work, a high level of pressure or disputes within the family are possible disruptive factors that can negatively affect our body’s own vibrations. Nevertheless, joyful and positive experiences can also positively influence the vibrations of the body – and it is precisely this effect that sound therapy with gongs makes use of.

How does sound therapy with gongs work?

Sound therapy with gongs can be very versatile: While the deep, dark and intense sounds radiate a calming and harmonizing effect, the gentle and quiet tones can simultaneously provide inner peace and serenity. Although the sound waves produced when the gong is played first penetrate our hearing, they are also simultaneously perceived by our entire body.

Man playing gong with ollihess gong beaters

High and low tones of the gong touch our innermost core and help us to forget the stress of everyday life and focus completely on the joys of life. Sound therapy with gongs teaches you how to let go, allowing you to release physical and psychological tension. The burdening flood of everyday thoughts and worries falls away and the basic trust is strengthened. Especially the overtones of the gong affect the body: The sound waves penetrate the tissues, organs, lymphatic system and nervous system to give rest and relaxation to the whole organism.

What is the effect of sound therapy?

The effect of sound therapy with gongs – or classical singing bowl therapy – people feel very differently. Low tones can have a calming effect, while bright and lively tones can support vitality and joy. And yet, all sounds in sound therapy are perceived by people differently, in unique ways. Therefore, sound therapy is a very special and intimate moment for each person, which should bring their own emotional world into a harmonious balance.

Every one of us has contact with sound waves in everyday life, without noticing the direct effects on our health. In sound therapy, this perception is strengthened in order to trigger emotions and give the body impulses for self-healing – but also to better avoid negative sound waves in everyday life. In sound therapy, therefore, there are very many possible applications, which can mean something different for each person.

The choice of gong(s) plays an enormously important role in sound therapy. You can learn more about the different types of gongs and the resulting pitches in our blog post.

What other instruments are used for sound therapy?

Music is already an integral part of many forms of therapy. For example, musical therapy is often used in psychiatry and psychology to bring peace and security to those affected. Sound therapists and healing practitioners are always resorting to musical tones to support and strengthen people. Besides sound therapy with gongs, sound therapy with singing bowls is especially popular here. The slightly lighter and less deep tones can create a happy and cheerful atmosphere and provide joyful feelings.

Gongs, singing bowls and mallets

The same applies to sound therapy with Zen bells or cymbals, which, comparable to gongs and singing bowls, support a meditative state and can help to forget everyday worries. In connection with sound therapy, one also often speaks of sound healing or “sound healing”. Under these terms, the healing effect that can be in sound instruments is understood in essence.

How does Olli Hess support you in sound therapy with gongs?

In our store you will not only find high quality gongs and the best gong mallets – in addition Olli Hess is planning more workshops around the topic of sound therapy for the year 2022. We’ll keep you updated on the exact dates and locations on our blog and social media channels. In addition, you will always find varied information on the topic of sound therapy with gongs and other sound instruments.

If you want to go even deeper into the world of trainings and seminars, we recommend the Peter Hess® Institute (PHI). At PHI, various trainings are offered in the field of sound therapy. The basis for this is the training and further education concepts, based on the principles of Peter Hess, which were conceived in cooperation with therapists and scientists. You can learn everything you need to know about sound therapy with singing bowls and gongs, to get to know yourself better and/or to do something good for your fellow human beings.


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