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Every single ollihess gong mallet is made with a lot of passion and our great love of sound. We manufacture our mallets - also known as gong mallets - by hand in family-run businesses, using only sustainable materials. We have developed all our products based on our own experience - always with the aim of creating the best sound experience for you.

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PS-1 Basic Gong Mallet red
Special offer€49,90
PS-2 Basic Gong Mallet red
Professional Gong Mallet soft lineProfessional Gong Mallet soft line
Offer from €67,91 Regular price€79,90
Professional Gong Mallet move line editionProfessional Gong Mallet move line edition
Professional Gong Mallet J.O.-70Professional Gong Mallet J.O.-70
Special offer€49,90
Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 1Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 1
Professional Gong Mallet CH-1 J.O Chakra Mallet
Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 2Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 2
Professional Gong Mallet CH-2 J.O Chakra Mallet
Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 3
Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 4
Special offer€109,90
Professional Gong Mallet Set ChakraProfessional Gong Mallet Set Chakra
Special offer€231,90
Save €11,53
Professional gong Mallet lite 100Professional gong Mallet lite 100
Offer€65,37 Regular price€76,90
Save €13,19
Professional gong Mallet lite 200Professional gong Mallet lite 200
Offer€74,72 Regular price€87,91
Professional Gong Mallet S186Professional Gong Mallet S186
Professional Gong Mallet m70Professional Gong Mallet m70
Professional Gong Mallet M174Professional Gong Mallet M174
Special offer€76,90
Professional Gong Mallet M305Professional Gong Mallet M305
Professional Gong Mallet L355Professional Gong Mallet L355
Professional Gong Mallet L460Professional Gong Mallet L460
Special offer€109,90
Professional Gong Mallet L815Professional Gong Mallet L815
Offer from €121,47 Regular price€142,90
Professional Gong Mallet flex line EditionProfessional Gong Mallet flex line Edition
Professional Gong Mallet direct lineProfessional Gong Mallet direct line

Which ollihess Gong Mallet should I buy online?

With the right mallet, you can produce the greatest variety of sounds from your gong. The basic rule is this: The larger the gong, the larger the mallet should be. Of course, your individual needs and the type of gong also play a role. The sounds that you can produce on your gong vary depending on the length of the mallet, the size of the ball at the upper end and the material of the cover. The choice therefore depends not only on the requirements of your sound instrument, but also on the sounds you want to produce.

Are you unsure? Then let's talk! Olli Hess will help you choose the perfect mallet for you - personally by phone or email. With us, you won't end up on an anonymous advice hotline. By talking directly to our customers, we are also constantly learning something new and can take your wishes into account even better during product development. Above all, it is important to us that you have the best sound experience.

What is special about ollihess gong mallets?

Every single ollihess Gong Mallet is the result of many years of experience, the courage to develop further and, above all, a great deal of passion and love for sound. All our products are the result of our personal passion for the instruments. Every single one of our mallets is made by hand from the best materials.

We always have the drive to make it even better: We regularly put our Gong Mallets to the test, try out new materials, develop even more sustainably and listen to you carefully. We do this not only because we ourselves are passionate about our products, but because it is our mission to meet your needs even better.

This is also what makes our Gong Mallets so special:

  • Sound experience almost without impact noise
  • Consistent sound
  • Long shelf life
  • Sustainable and regional materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Fair production conditions
  • Up to 17 trendy colors

Ergonomic handle of our Gong Mallets

The feel and shape of the mallet handle is crucial for your sound experience. When playing with ollihess gong mallets, you always retain full control: the slightly thickened end of the handle ensures that the mallet does not simply slip out of your hand while playing. Just by feeling it, you know at what height you are holding the mallet and can concentrate fully on your sound practice.

The wood of our gong mallets comes from beech and feels comfortable in your hand. This is also ensured by the organic wax with which we treat all our handles. Like every part of our gong mallets, the wooden handle is sustainably produced from regional materials.

The length of the handle also plays a decisive role in the design of our mallets: it is always perfectly matched to the respective head and its weight. This creates the optimum balance between the two ends.

The core and insulation of our gong mallets ensure minimal impact noise

A lot of work also goes into the heads of our mallets - all with the aim of creating the most beautiful sound experience for you. 

We have almost completely eliminated the annoying striking noise that so often occurs during sound practice. The materials used in the mallet head are particularly supple and resistant. Thanks to this composition, the meditative and calming sound of the gong can fully unfold and there is no longer any disturbing background noise during sound meditations or sound journeys. Your listeners can therefore fully immerse themselves in the experience. 

We have selected our materials very carefully, tested them for many years and continuously developed them further. The core of the mallet head in particular differs considerably from other products available on the market. It consists of a soft natural caoutchouc and is developed individually for each mallet in our range. This core is encased in a felt insert, which is also adapted to each model and serves to further dampen the striking noise.

We have the fabric cover made from an extra soft and sustainable wellness fleece. It is treated with a special process to prevent scratches when the gong is played. 

Sustainable and fair production

Each ollihess Gong Mallet is unique. It is carefully handcrafted in Germany. From the very beginning, we made a conscious decision against production on an assembly line and rely on family-run businesses and materials from the region. We are convinced that the conscious use of resources and our environment has a direct impact on the sound experience.

Vegan gong mallets from ollihess

We recently took another step towards even more sustainable production. Our professional gong mallet L815 is the first completely vegan gong mallet in our range. And we still have big plans! We are working every day on our vision of providing you with the widest sound spectrum - always in harmony with our environment. We will also be adding more models to our vegan range soon.

Difference between gong mallets and reamers

Gong drivers and mallets are often thought to be the same thing: In the eyes of a layman, both are used to play a gong. However, there is much more to it than that: As the name suggests, a gong mallet is rubbed against the gong. This causes the gong to vibrate and produces a long-lasting sound. The gong mallet, on the other hand, is used to strike the gong. The tones produced are therefore rather sweeping.

There are also felt mallets or rubber mallets, which have different properties. Our professional gong mallet J.O-70, for example, has a white felt ball at one end of the handle that can be used to produce sounds on both the gong and the singing bowl .

singing bowls-Mallet from ollihess

Some of our mallets are also suitable for playing singing bowls or other sound instruments. Here, too, it depends on which instrument you have and which sounds you want to produce. For example, the professional gong mallet move line edition is very well suited for use on larger singing bowls, such as the articulated bowl. You can find out which other mallets are suitable for use with singing bowls, chimes or drums in the detailed description of each product.

Take a look at our accessories for gongs, where you will find gong bags and other practical items for your gong playing.