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The world of ollihess.de

We at ollihess.de are fully dedicated to the world of sound. Music and sounds not only enchant our ears.

They transport us to a world as infinite as the universe, have a proven healing effect and also stand for social cohesion.

Indigenous peoples have always used the variety of sounds for their traditional healing ceremonies, or to maintain a sense of community and togetherness within their tribe, and the positive effect of sound on our health has now also found a justified place in Western medicine.

Sound heals. Sound connects. Sound relaxes. Sound touches. Sound enchants.

The world is sound - and sound is our world. The world of ollihess.de

About our products

Olli Hess has found his personal calling in sound. Especially in gongs and gong accessories.

This passion led to the development of Olli Hess gongs, gong mallets and gong drivers.

We are particularly proud of the gong mallets developed by Olli Hess. Many years of development went into them before Olli Hess was able to hold his vision of a perfect gong mallet in his hands.

They differ considerably from the mallets already available on the market. In their inner shape, their ease of play and their variety of sounds.

All Olli Hess products are manufactured in selected German workshops with calm, care and attention to detail.

to the professional gong mallets

100% handmade in Germany

A genuine quality product. From the idea to the finished product.

Natural rubber heads

instead of the otherwise used wooden heads ensure less noise when playing

Ergonomically shaped handles

sit comfortably in the hand, make playing easier and prevent fatigue during longer sessions

The special head shape

creates dreamlike sounds.

What our customers say

Dear Oliver Hess, thank you very much for these wonderful mallets! The playing feel is wonderful. The head is perfectly balanced and therefore longer playing is possible because the mallet does not become heavy. Wonderful colors bring versatility, freshness and liveliness to my "end of the week through gong meditation".

Customer from Germany

The gong always brings a smile to my face when I play it. Very great and versatile sounds can be produced with these special mallets. I am thrilled. I am very happy about the new fluffy roommates! They are fantastic! 😍

Customer from the USA

The first time I play my gong on my new blue Olli Hess mallet. I feel excited, grateful and blessed. What a playing experience.

Customer from Germany

I had the opportunity to test the mallets at the Röhnakademie at the weekend. Incredibly good. The best I've ever had in my hands and amazingly light.

Also available in our store

Traditional sound instruments and sound accessories

all carefully selected. We only supplement our own products with products from cooperation partners whose philosophy we can share.

The variety of instruments is far-reaching and always special.

You will find handmade kalimbulas, rainsticks, the marimbula - the bass of the Caribbean, seadrums, chimes and much more.

You can find out how the individual products sound, what they are particularly good for and how to play them in the respective product descriptions.

Or you can contact us. We will be happy to advise you personally and send you sound samples on request.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team from www.ollihess.de

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