Frida Möhres - A passionate gong player

Frida Möhres - A passionate gong player

In our blog, we regularly introduce you to exceptionally creative and dedicated gong players who inspire and excite us. Frida Möhres is one of these talented artists. Frida is a passionate gong player and is connected to Olli through their shared love of sound. She describes her work with the gong as unique and holistic. The sound enables complete relaxation and brings emotions and our biorhythm into balance.

A gong session is usually a profound experience that connects you with both your inner truth and universal wisdom.
Frida Möhres

Many years before her certification to teach others how to play the gong through Don Conreaux, she was already intensively involved with the effects of sound on well-being. Various training courses helped her to look even deeper behind the human being. In this article, you will find out more about her personal motivation and inspiration - and we will introduce you to the world of this sound artist and visionary in more detail.

Who is Frida Möhres?

Frida Möhres has many facets. Her path began in a very classical way with a degree in International Business Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and a subsequent degree in interior design in Buenos Aires. While still at school, she discovered the immense power of sound during an exchange month in India. After that, she dedicated many years to her own spiritual practice while continuing her studies, embarking on an intense and deep journey to her core. In 2015, she was trained by Vanina Levi in Buenos Aires to become a certified gong player to play for herself and others.

Frida Möhres with ollihess Mallets

This was followed by many further training courses and qualifications as a sound therapist, yoga teacher, feng shui consultant and relaxation trainer, as well as an instructor for autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. This not only enabled Frida to answer one of the most important questions for herself - "What do I want in my life?" - but above all to pass on her knowledge and passion to other people in a well-founded and authentic way.

What does Frida Möhres offer?

Frida Möhre's boundless versatility becomes clear when you take a look at her impressive and colorful CV. Especially when working with sound, it becomes clear that she makes use of her broad horizon. This ability enables her to create special offers that accompany and positively influence other people on their individual paths.

In intensive retreats, Frida combines gong playing with her knowledge of yoga and relaxation to open up new ways of exploring deep being. She organizes gong baths and gong meditations on a small and large scale, where all participants can bathe in the calming aura of the sounds, through to special gong events in combination with neuroelectronic light and sound in order to appeal to all the senses simultaneously. 

Frida Möhres plays gongs with ollihess mallets

You can get to know Frida's work online via various channels: She makes her calming sessions available in guided meditation videos for all those people who couldn't be there in person. Her sound creations can also be found on platforms such as Spotify, 7 Mind App, Insight Timer, Soundcloud and many more. If you want to convince yourself of Frida Möhres' talent, you can get a first impression there. In her event calendar you can also find out where you can meet her live next.

If you would like to learn the art of gong playing yourself, you can also train with Frida. The "Initiation into Gong Playing Workshop Berlin" course, which she launched in 2019, is already in its 13th edition in 2024 and offers a real insight into her in-depth knowledge, experience and joy of gong playing. She also offers training for advanced gong players - sometimes as an online seminar in German or English.

What makes Frida Möhres' gong playing so special?

Frida's gong playing is characterized above all by her deep journey to herself as well as her numerous experiences and trainings, which allow her to look behind the scenes of different teachers and life worlds. Listening to Frida play the gong, you can feel her passion for harmony, her knowledge of astrology, the influences of yoga teachings and the insights gained from meditation. The spatial design of her gong meditations and gong baths draws on her knowledge of feng shui, her professional experience and her very personal sense of harmonious interior design. Above all, we are inspired by her special energy, her courage and her deep trust in life and the unpredictable flow that carries us all. These qualities and her interests combine to form a big picture that makes her gong playing so special.

Frida Möhres stands at the TamTam Gong

Fridas Top ollihess Gong Mallets

Frida has already played various mallets and reeds from Olli and also sells them through her own store.You can also try out the entire range on your own personal sound instrument on site in Berlin. Simply make an appointment with Frida.

We asked Frida which ollihess mallets are her favorites:

I particularly like the Professional Gong Mallet M174 as an ergonomic and fast-moving "all-rounder". I also like the Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH4 because it produces very versatile sound qualities with the double sides - especially if you use it as a deeper accent on smaller gongs.
Frida Möhres

Learn more about Frida Möhres

On her homepage Gong with Frida you can find out a lot about Frida's work, her passion and what she does. Here you can find more information about current dates and events. In her personal blog, she also talks about her experiences around the world, gives practical tips on buying, using and caring for gongs and provides all kinds of exciting background knowledge about sound. If you would like to take a deeper look behind the scenes, it is also worth taking a look at her blogwhere she informs her readers about her latest experiences and findings. You can also find even more personal insights, meditations and know-how on her Instagram channel and on YouTube.

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