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Sound Healing: Instruments for beginners

Sound Healing: Instruments for beginners

Sound was used by indigenous peoples to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony. A wide variety of instruments have always been used for this purpose, which are suitable for creating particularly intense sound waves. This article will give you an overview of the various instruments that can be used for sound healing. This will help you find out which one suits you and your needs.

An insight into different sound instruments for sound healing

There are very different sound instruments that are used in sound healing. In many cultures, singing bowls and gongs are popular. Some of these instruments only produce a single musical note, while others unfold their effect with a diverse spectrum of different tones. The mallet, which is used to play many instruments, also influences the sound.

In this article, we present some sound instruments for use in sound healing in more detail.

Note: Even though the term sound healing is being used more and more frequently, we focus primarily on using sound to strengthen what is healthy in people and do not make any promises of healing. Instead, we support the idea that the human being is already complete. Sound can support us enormously in integrating challenging things into our lives and being, in finding new ways and perhaps also in letting go of something burdensome that no longer serves us.

The gong - a classic instrument for sound healing

There is still much speculation as to when and where the gong first appeared in human history. According to some researchers, the first predecessors date back to the Bronze Age - as a sound instrument as we know it today, the gong can be traced back as far as 2,000 years BC. Even back then, people knew about the calming and relaxing effect of the gong. So it is hardly surprising that the gong is still one of the most popular instruments for sound healing today.

ollihess Gong Sadja

The gong captivates the senses above all with its rich, resonant sound. The intense vibrations flow through the body and mind to induce a state of relaxation and well-being. Gongs come in a wide variety of sizes and types - from flat gongs to humpback gongs, from TamTam gongs to Fen gongs. Larger gongs are hung on a gong stand and played with a professional gong driver or gong mallet. Smaller models and so-called hand gongs are more suitable for beginners to get started with sound healing instruments. Smaller gongs can also be played with a gong handle and are significantly lighter.

The singing bowl - a diverse spectrum of sound waves

The singing bowl is also a very well-known instrument for sound healing - especially because it can also be used easily by inexperienced people. It is usually struck or rubbed against or on the body to produce tones and sound waves. The pitch varies depending on the type and shape of the singing bowl . The intensity can be controlled by the technique and type of mallet or grater when playing the singing bowl .

Peter Hess® Universal Bowl

The Peter Hess® Universal Bowl is the ideal instrument for beginners - it can be used in a variety of ways on and around the whole body and is therefore a practical all-rounder that you can integrate into your everyday life at any time. If you want to specifically address individual areas of the body, the heart bowl or pelvic bowl, for example, can also be a good alternative.

The rain sound column

With its unique sound, the rain sound column interprets the sound of rain falling in the forest or the gentle flow of a stream. All these sounds seem familiar to us, making it easier for us to let go of the worries of everyday life and find relaxation. For this very reason, the rain sound column is very popular as an instrument for sound healing. The sound varies depending on the size, so that several of these sound instruments can be combined to create an exciting interplay of trickling and rushing sounds.

The Kalimba

The kalimba is a popular sound healing instrument that can be played with the hands. Sounds are created by a solid block of wood that serves as the body, two finger holes on the back that provide special vibrato effects and metal reeds that are played with the thumbs to create the beautiful melodies. The sound is similar to a music box, which makes this instrument incredibly soothing. The kalimba is one of the easiest instruments to play for sound healing.


The Koshi sound game

The Koshi chime stands out in particular due to the harmony of the pure tones and specific overtones. Inside a wooden sound cylinder there are bars of different lengths arranged in a circle. When the Koshi chime is made to vibrate, the fine plates touch each other, creating harmonious, soothing tones. Koshi chimes are also available according to the four elements - fire, earth, water and air - each of which has its own mysterious timbre. Of course, the four Koshi cylinders can also be combined harmoniously with each other to create a feeling of unity.

Koshi sound game

The Koshi chime can simply be held by the upper cord and gently moved to produce a sound - making it a suitable instrument for sound healing, even for beginners. Alternatively, you can also hang the cylinder in the wind so that nature itself produces the delicate sounds.

The cymbal

The cymbal is known for its particularly clear and long-lasting sound. They are often used at the end of sound massages or sound meditations as a signal to return to everyday life. Cymbals are played by moving them past each other from top to bottom in a vertical motion at strike - only the edges touch each other to produce the intense sound. Additional mallets are not required for the cymbal chimes. As both metal cymbals are connected to each other, you can find out for yourself which type of meeting produces the most beautiful sound for you. The cymbal is therefore very suitable as a beginner's instrument for sound healing.


The Zen bell

The Zen bell is a combination of Zensinging bowl and bell. It is struck with a mallet while you hold it by the leather loop so that you can feel the vibrations directly. The particularly concentrated and long-lasting sound and the ease with which it can be played make it a good sound healing instrument for people who are inexperienced with sound.

Zen bell

Note: You can find some of the instruments for sound healing listed here in the store of our partner Hess Sound. Simply click on the link in the respective paragraph.

Conclusion Instruments for sound healing: find out what is good for you!

If you are a beginner using instruments for sound healing for the first time, the most important thing is to find out which sounds and techniques are good for you. Even if you want to give sound to other people in the future - as part of a treatment or meditation - the instrument and the sounds should primarily resonate with you. This allows the sound to unfold its full effect.

Try out different instruments or attend events such as the annual SommerKlangEvent with Hess Sound and Olli Hess, where you can experience different instruments as well as sound massages and gong baths. Once you have found out which sound instruments you like, you can easily integrate them into your everyday life and thus ensure greater relaxation and well-being.

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