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Gong meditation at full moon - playing technique and visualization

Gong meditation at full moon - playing technique and visualization

Everything around us has its own frequency and influences our being. Think of the gravitational pull of the moon, how it changes the tides of the waters - and how the lunar cycle also influences the water in our bodies. The different sound frequencies that are influenced by the waxing and waning of the moon can also be felt by us humans on a cellular level. They can influence how we feel, how we function in everyday life and what mood we are in. So it is hardly surprising that gong meditation during a full moon can have a very special effect on our body and mind.

What makes gong meditation during a full moon so extraordinary?

Gong meditations, sound baths - especially gong baths - use vibrating sounds and frequencies to affect our well-being. The sound waves that flow through our bodies when we strike the gong can lead to greater relaxation, change our consciousness and perception and evoke a deep sense of peace. During a gong meditation at full moon, this effect is further enhanced by the energy of the full moon, which vibrates at a unique sound frequency and supports the power of the gong in this way.

In terms of energy, the full moon stands for many aspects of existence - for emotion, mental change and intense dreams. In many cultures, the phase of the full moon has always been perceived as a powerful time in which gratitude and the beauty of life play an important role. But the full moon can also represent the end of a phase of life, which can help us to recognize situations, bring closure and thus find inner peace again. 

But it is not only the full moon that plays an important ceremonial role in many cultures; the gong has also been used for thousands of years for ceremonies to accompany people on their way to a meditative state. The gong is often symbolic of mindfulness and wholeness. The sounds of a gong can make it easier to let go. And so both the full moon and the gong are closely associated with the all-too-human desire for serenity and relaxation, with the desire for a new beginning. Gong meditation during a full moon can therefore be a particularly intense experience - and we explain the best way to go about it.

Gong meditation at full moon - instructions and procedure 

During the gong meditation at full moon, you can embark on a very special journey. The powerful vibrations of the gong and the full moon are united and you can give yourself completely to this mystical power.

Procedure for gong meditation at full moon

The gong playing technique in combination with the visualization that we present to you below makes this full moon gong meditation particularly powerful. Both are kept simple and easy to understand so that you can internalize the procedure once and then concentrate fully on the sound meditation.

The preparation

During a full moon, gong meditation has a particularly intense effect on all levels of your being. Before you indulge in gong meditation, prepare everything you need for your meditative state. The best time to start gong meditation is during a full moon in the evening, when the radiant power of the moon is particularly evident. Find a place where you can get involved with the energies - if you wish, perform the gong meditation outdoors to feel the connection to nature.

Lay out and prepare everything you need for your full moon meditation: your gong, a gong mallet, comfortable cushions and everything that contributes to your well-being during the sound meditation. Create an environment in which you can concentrate fully on your own being in order to feel the frequencies of the gong and the moon.

Sound the gong

When you feel ready, start striking the gong clockwise at four points: 12 - 3 - 6 - 9 o'clock. At each position, wait until the sound has subsided before striking the next point. In this way, the different frequencies of the gong symbolize the cycle of nature and create a connection to the cycle of the moon.

Visualization of the moon

Close your eyes. At the first strike of the gong, imagine the moon rising behind the mountains and feel the radiant glow that emanates from it. You can feel the light flowing through you from your head and then penetrating the earth again. You are part of nature, part of the cycle, part of a great whole.

Let go and absorb new energy

Enjoy the calming effect of gong meditation by striking the gong very gently and letting the sounds almost fade away before striking the gong again in a clockwise direction. Let go of your thoughts and visualize the moon circling the horizon and ushering in a new era - cleanse yourself of the things that weigh you down and let the energy of the sounds and the energy of the moon guide you to find new energy. During the gong meditation at full moon, repeatedly perceive the radiance of the moon in front of your inner eye or truly in the sky.

You can do the gong meditation during the full moon for as long as you feel comfortable. If you want to end the meditation, strike the gong one last time, listen carefully as the sound slowly fades and then open yourself to the new time that is now approaching. 

Feel the energy of gong meditation at full moon

During gong meditation at the full moon, you can feel the powerful effect of the moon on your body, how it stores and directs energy to enrich the body with new strength. The extraordinary energy of the full moon is considered Yang energy, a peak of our power into which we can call and use everything we have started in the first half of the cycle. 

The full moon is also a symbol of strong emotions and promises a new direction for our existence, growth and change in our lives. Blocking energies and worries can be released particularly well during this phase as part of a gong meditation. You can gain new energy and focus on things that are really important to you. Each new moon cycle begins at the new moon and marks the ideal time to leave old burdens behind and start making changes - right up to the full moon, which symbolizes the end. Supported by the healing sounds of the gong, the cleansing process becomes even more noticeable at full moon so that you can tap into your full potential of inner energy.


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