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Friction mallet

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Ergonomic shape

The thickened end of the handle and the high-quality workmanship ensure that our mallets always sit comfortably in the hand. This makes it particularly comfortable to play, without any signs of fatigue in the arms or back.

Handmade in Germany

All our products are manufactured in small family businesses in Germany. Experienced teams manufacture every single mallet and reamer by hand with precision. In this way, we ensure high and consistent quality at every stage of production.

Brightly colored top quality

Sturdy beech wood, super-soft wellness fleece and bouncy natural rubber - handle and mallet head are in perfect balance. The large selection of bright colors allows you to find the right one for every occasion.

Truly sustainable

We only use renewable raw materials from the immediate region for our mallets. Almost all of our products are now 100% vegan. We do our best every day to make a contribution to a better world.

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www.ollihess.de – handmade gongs, gong mallets, gong drivers & sound instruments

The name Oliver Hess has not only established itself in Germany. The owner-managed family business is also known in other countries for its handmade quality products.

Oliver Hess discovered his intense passion for sound and especially gongs many years ago. Since 2003 he has devoted all his spare time with dedication and passion exclusively to the development, innovation and production of gongs, mallets and friction mallets. The gongs from ollihess are handmade in Germany with love for detail, just like the mallets and friction mallets, and according to the specifications of Oliver Hess himself.

What makes an ollihess gong so special?

For the production of an ollihess gong only nickel silver, one of the highest quality metals, is used. This is completely annealed once at the edge in the course of the manufacturing process and then only cold forged. The special thing about nickel silver is that you can work particularly fine sound spectra into this metal. Anyone who has ever played a gong by Oliver Hess will notice the difference immediately. In contrast to the symphonic or planetary gongs usually available on the market, the Olli Hess gongs sound exceptionally overtone-friendly and less fractious. Their sound spectrum is unique and touching.

The full range of tones can of course be ideally worked out with the gong mallets specially developed for this purpose. Oliver Hess spent many years developing his gong mallets until his product was so perfect in form and sound that he could not improve it any further.

The Mallets of Olli Hess

The heads of the mallets are made of natural rubber, and are then processed in a studio, located in an idyllic farmhouse in northern Germany. There, the heads of the mallets are lovingly sewn by hand into a regionally purchased wellness fleece. By using natural rubber instead of a wooden head, you not only get a different variety of sounds, but also have much less inherent noise compared to the otherwise used wooden head.

Also the handle of the mallets is not designed like conventional. Its hand-flattering thickening at the end makes it particularly comfortable to hold and easy to play. The mallets have special aerodynamics, which can only be achieved through many years of experience and attention to detail. The range of ollihess mallets is extensive. For example, there are specially made and innovative Chakra Mallets for working with chakras. Their colors are assigned to the respective chakra colors. And here’s another clue. The Chakra Mallet is shaped differently in the head, therefore also two-colored, in order to be able to play the tones assigned to the chakras. One side is more insulated, the other less. This makes it possible to play a very wide range of sounds with just one mallet. The larger the mallet, the greater its damping and the deeper its sound. Conversely, the smaller the mallet head, the higher the sound. The smallest one in this set is assigned to the third eye, and elicits correspondingly fine tones. With this mallet set you can perform wonderful chakra sound journeys.

Oliver Hess is happy to assist his customers with advice, many helpful tips and also gong seminars.

The Mallet Sets & friction mallets

If you want to get to know your gong properly, Oliver Hess recommends his Mallet Set. Consisting of 5 mallets and a friction mallet, the player has everything he needs to elicit an infinitely beautiful sea of tones from his sound instrument. The friction mallets, for example, can conjure up sounds that make you think you are swimming in the ocean with dolphins or whales. Unique, beautiful and unforgettable. www.ollihess.de stands for highest craftsmanship made by master craftsmen and developed with a lot of time, love and knowledge. Customer service, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are also top priorities for the entrepreneur. He answers his customers personally with a lot of calmness, understanding and above all knowledge all questions around the topic sound, gongs, mallets, application possibilities and more. Ollihess lives the sound, and you notice that as soon as you have spoken to him personally.

If you have decided to buy a sound instrument, you should not miss the products as well as the professional competence of Oliver Hess, which is lived with love.


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