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Sound meditation with gong or singing bowl: instructions and text

Looking for more inspiration for your daily sound practice? No problem! We have prepared instructions and a text for you that will guide you step by step through your next sound meditation. We also explain to you what is important in a singing bowl meditation or gong meditation, what you should pay attention to and how long your sound meditation should be so that you benefit in the best possible way from the relaxing and calming effects.

What do you need for a sound meditation?

Before you start sound meditation, you should make appropriate arrangements. On the one hand, this includes giving yourself some rest, but also getting a singing bowl or gong ready:

  • Time: about 15 minutes of silence that belong only to yourself
  • Silence: make sure that you remain undisturbed and that no ringing phone, other people or similar disturb your sound meditation
  • Coziness: Make yourself comfortable! For example, you can light a candle or use fragrant incense sticks to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Comfortable position: sit on a blanket or pillow to assume a comfortable position
  • Singing bowl or gong: Set up a singing bowl or gong and a mallet so that you can strike the sound instruments mindfully during your sound meditation.

There is nothing for you to do but gently strike the singing bowl or gong and let the sounds and vibrations affect you. Be with yourself and listen to your sound instrument.

Sound meditation: this is how you proceed

Sound meditation focuses on your well-being and needs. The more you can surrender to the sounds without being distracted by outside influences, the more soothing and relaxing the sound meditation can be for you. In our articles on singing bowl meditation and the effect of singing bowls and gong meditations you will get even more helpful hints and tips.

Your sound meditation: text & instructions

  • After you have found the right position for your sound meditation, gently strike the singing bowl or gong a few times with the mallet.
  • Now pay particular attention to your breathing and the movements of your body – with each gentle stroke you can try to bring them more and more into harmony.
    The more your body finds peace, the more your mind will attain a tranquil state.
  • Strike the gong or singing bowl again when the sound slowly fades.
  • Now close your eyes and let yourself go more and more into the sound waves.
  • Focus your attention on this moment. Keep bringing your thoughts to the present, your body will follow. If everyday thoughts come loose, let them pass by like clouds.
  • Feel into your body. Feel which areas of your body are particularly addressed today. Be very mindful and follow the vibrations that travel through your body. Pay attention to any physical sensation you feel during the sound meditation.
  • If the sound subsides, strike the gong or singing bowl again.
  • If thoughts arise, let them move on. Focus entirely on the moment.
  • Take a deep breath to let go a bit more and relax. Focus on your breathing and bring it into harmony with your mind.
  • You don’t have to beat your instrument permanently. Take short breaks to fully enjoy the sound meditation. When the pause is over, strike the singing bowl or gong again. Now you go one step further.
  • Now try to focus on one area of your body that feels particularly good today. Now focus all your energy on this feeling.
  • All your attention is now focused on this area of your body. Use the gentle vibrations to make this positive feeling even stronger and bigger.
  • Your breathing helps you to do this: Imagine that with each inhalation you absorb the sound waves of the singing bowl or gong at this point of your body and with the exhalation you extend the positive feeling even further. Stay with this image as long as you like.
  • Now slowly find your way back into your body and into the here and now.
  • Strum your sound instrument one last time and consciously take two to three deep breaths.
  • When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

To end the sound meditation

When you have enjoyed the sound meditation in all its facets, you can slowly come to the end. To do this, you strike the gong or singing bowl once again, perceive the beautiful tones, nuances and sound waves of the melody one last time and try to take them from the sound meditation into the here and now.

Remain in the previous position for a few moments after the sound has faded. Slowly find your way back to reality. Be careful not to hurry too much in the process – you have all the rest and time in the world to let the moment come to its natural conclusion. Take another deep breath, anchor the memory of the sound meditation in your mind, and finally stretch your body.

How long should a sound meditation last?

How much time you take for your sound meditation is entirely up to you. Just 10 to 15 minutes is enough to benefit from the positive effects of sound meditation. Of course, you can also listen to the sounds for longer and meditate.

Good is what does good – each sound meditation is a moment for you

Have you already found your own ways in your sound meditations that relax you and show your soul a path to inner peace? Then, of course, you can modify the sound meditation however you like. With relaxation methods such as sound meditation, the following always applies: What is good for you is good for you. So give free rein to your own needs and find a path with sound meditation that will lead you to the relaxation you deserve.

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