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Procedure of a singing bowl meditation

A singing bowl meditation has a calming effect, can release anxiety and free you from your worries. Our tips for preparing and running a singing bowl meditation can help you integrate this ritual even better into your everyday life. While meditation with singing bowls is very individual and can therefore be tailored to your needs, the basic outline of the process is always the same. Here we explain what you need to keep in mind when doing singing bowl meditation, how it works and what to watch out for.

What is a singing bowl meditation?

The singing bowl has been used as the basis of a meditation for many centuries. Their origin is not exactly clear, but archaeologists have found very old singing bowls, especially in the regions around Nepal, Tibet, China and India – a Far Eastern origin is therefore considered certain. However, it is believed that in the past the singing bowl was mainly used as kitchenware and the pleasant sound was merely a barely relevant side effect.

Nevertheless, over the years, due to its long-lasting and penetrating sounds, the singing bowl has also become an instrument used in many cultures for ritual occasions and meditation. The positive effects on body and mind are no longer a secret – and so the singing bowl has also found its way to Europe, where it is now very often used in the context of a singing bowl meditation.

What do you need for a singing bowl meditation?

A singing bowl meditation can be performed with just a few tools. The basis is, of course, the singing bowl itself. Here, the quality plays an important role, because high-quality singing bowls are made of several metals to enable a particularly beautiful sound. The reverberating effect of the singing bowl, the intense vibrations and the “clean” sound emanating from the sound instrument are more pronounced the higher quality your singing bowl is. So it’s worth investing in a good quality instrument.

Equally important, of course, is a suitable mallet or reamer to create really beautiful sounds with your singing bowl. Here, too, you should therefore focus on quality if the singing bowl meditation is to be an experience for all the senses.

ollihess singing bowl rubbers for singing bowl meditation

The Lava Edition gong driver with 50 mm head diameter from Olli Hess is very suitable for singing bowl meditations with its low weight and the intense and clear sounds you can create with it. The ball of the beater head is precision ground and finished by hand. Since each model is handmade in Germany, it is always an absolutely unique piece. In addition, we use mainly raw materials from the nearby region in the production of the vegan beater.

ollihess Gong friction Mallet Lava Edition
ollihess Gong friction Mallet Lava Edition

ollihess singing bowl mallet for singing bowl meditation

Perfect for singing bowl playing are the versatile Ollihess Chakra Mallets CH1 and CH2. They are particularly light and comfortable in the hand, and with a weight of 60 to 65 grams are ideal for long sound meditations – without any heaviness in the arm or hand. The special feature of the Profi Chakra Gong Mallet CH2: The different insulations inside the head and the core made of natural rubber allow you to create a whole range of tone variations on your singing bowl with just one mallet. Moreover, due to the soft and fluffy exterior of the head, no striking noise is heard during singing bowl meditation. This way you can dive deep into the world of sounds and enjoy it to the fullest.

ollihess Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2
ollihess Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2

Tip: In our article“Chakra Tones and Meditation” you can learn everything about sound meditations with chakra frequencies.

Also well suited for playing a singing bowl – and due to its compact form also ideal for traveling – is the professional gong Mallet move line edition. It has a flexible handle, which ensures a particularly good feel. This mallet for gongs and singing bowls produces very fine tones with its soft rubber ball in the head – but it can also be used to create intensely reverberant sounds. Especially the sound variation makes it a popular mallet for singing bowl meditation.

ollihess gong mallet move line edition
ollihess gong mallet move line edition

Choose suitable environment for singing bowl meditation

However, singing bowl and singing bowl mallet are not the only tools you need for a singing bowl meditation. The environment should also be adapted to your individual wishes. Therefore, make sure that the following points are also met:

Comfortable clothing
For singing bowl motivation, you should choose clothing that is as comfortable as possible and does not distract you from your sound play.

A quiet place
Outside distractions can interfere with your singing bowl meditation. Be sure to do the meditation in a quiet atmosphere. If you want to meditate with singing bowls with several people, rules for a quiet gathering can be established between the participants.

A soft surface
The singing bowl should stand firmly, but preferably not directly on the floor. A special singing bowl base is therefore advisable so that the sounds can fully unfold. Of course, this also applies to yourself, because you should also sit or lie on a soft surface – such as a mediation cushion – while you perform meditation with singing bowls.

Woman during singing bowl meditation

How does the singing bowl meditation proceed?

The course of the singing bowl meditation is very individual. You decide where, how long and in which way you want to meditate to the sounds of the singing bowl. Also, whether you want to do meditation with singing bowls alone or together with other people is, of course, up to you. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a rough flow for the singing bowl meditation.

Procedure of a singing bowl meditation

  • Find a comfortable position – you can sit on the floor or lie down to perform the singing bowl meditation.
  • Position the singing bowl and the singing bowl driver or mallet in front of or on top of you so that you can comfortably reach and operate them.
  • Now rub or strike the clapper along the inside of the singing bowl to let the first tones sound.
  • Engage in singing bowl meditation by closing your eyes and immersing yourself completely in the world of sound.
  • Pay attention to your inner self: listen to yourself, find out how you feel and release inner tension by concentrating on the sound of the singing bowl.
  • Perform the singing bowl meditation until you feel relaxed and released.
  • If you want to end the meditation with singing bowls, open your eyes again and return to your everyday life.

Tip: As a beginner, you can also run music with soft sounds parallel to the singing bowl meditation to facilitate relaxation. Also, it’s a good idea to watch a few Youtube videos on singing bowl meditation beforehand to get a first feel for the process.

What effect does a singing bowl meditation have?

Singing bowl meditation can have many positive effects on the body and mind. Especially if you meditate regularly to the gentle sounds of the singing bowl, you will notice a positive effect in the long term. Through meditation with singing bowls, you will be more and more able to support yourself in healing processes by providing inner peace and well-being.

Singing bowl meditation can have the following effects on your body and mind:

  • Improved sleep
  • Rest for body, mind and soul
  • Positive effects on the own well-being
  • Relief of pain, e.g. headaches or back pain
  • Relieve nervousness and lack of concentration
  • Reduce fears
  • Alleviate cardiovascular complaints
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Reduce susceptibility to allergies and infections
  • Relieve digestive problems
  • Encourage creativity

Finally, the singing bowl meditation and also its effect on you is very individual – therefore the effects on your body are also very individual. However, if you engage in meditation with singing bowls, you may notice many positive effects on your body and mind.

For whom is the singing bowl meditation suitable?

The special thing about meditation with singing bowls is that there are no limits. Singing bowl meditation is suitable for almost any person who is interested in the subject and willing to engage in the gentle sounds. Meditation with singing bowls is also well suited for beginners, even if there is no previous knowledge of meditation.

Another advantage is that singing bowl meditation can be used both alone and in a group. So if you don’t want to meditate alone, you can certainly join with friends or family and immerse yourself in the world of sound together. Here you can either play the singing bowl yourself and let the group enjoy the sounds, or each participant can play their own singing bowl to complement the playing of the sounds. There are no limits to your creativity in singing bowl meditation!

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