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Gong Seminar “Playing Techniques

ollihess Gong Seminar playing techniques.

November 2016

On the weekend from 19 to 20.11.2016 a Gong Seminar took place here in Uenzen with the topic “Playing Techniques on the Gong”. The atmosphere in the group was very pleasant and we had a lot of fun this weekend.
For some participants it was new that you can also play a gong quietly. The thought that hearing protection would be necessary in a gong seminar came from many. But after the first practical session, it was clear to everyone that something completely different was happening here in the course.

The next day, the first statements came in that they had never heard such fine tones on the gong before. Often the previous experiences were rather unpleasant and simply too loud. Of course, these are cool feedbacks that I, as a seminar leader, love to hear!
For me, it’s extremely important and I love to play the gong quietly (and mindfully).
This is also a great characteristic of my courses: to be mindful with ourselves and with the materials.
This was also well received by the participants.
Oh, and of course I am always very pleased that my mallets are so well received by the gong players. It is so nice when many people enjoy playing my gongs with my mallets, experimenting and then confirming to me again and again that the ideas and the implementation were just as good. That’s gonna go down like a ton of bricks. ūüôā

So: the weekend was, I think, a success for everyone and was huge fun.

A big thank you again to the participants of the seminar “Playing Techniques on the Gong” with me here in Uenzen – you were great!

Next year we will continue with the courses again. Feel free to check back here on the blog anytime. Maybe a date fits for you, if you are also interested in such a course.

Greetings from your

ollihess gongs Freya Sadja and Wega




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