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Crazy Egg friction mallet

Crazy Egg friction mallet

The Crazy Egg!

The egg gong driver is back!

Already in the program in 2011 now reissued.

After many customer requests, the fun and versatile egg-shaped gong driver is back! Already in the program many years ago and now reissued.

Its shape makes it more versatile than a ball - you can create cool tone variations from light to medium to very high tones with a grater.

Of course, its colorful appearance also attracts attention, and not just from children.


All graters are painstakingly ground by hand in Germany to achieve these effects.

It's not as easy as it looks! :) Especially with the egg shape!

The horizontal sanding variant is still possible, I can still manage quite well with the sanding tool here, because you have enough surface area for sanding.

But the ends - the horizontal position - is a real challenge. Fastening the egg was quite a task and a bit of fiddling. :)

But after many attempts, I then built the right holder to hold the egg.

Drilling proved to be another difficulty. The eggs are never identical. This is already the case after production and this "risk" increases when sanding by hand.

That's why it wasn't so easy to get the hole for the handle in the middle. But here, too, we fixed the egg with an invention to hold it and also hit the center :)


But I quickly forgot all these difficulties when several successful egg rippers finally came out!


Crazy Eggs after washing now they have to dry.

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