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Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line

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Sounds that capture every fiber of your body. Pure energy that passes over to you when you play sound. A mix of materials that opens up new facets in the world of sound. All this awaits you with the professional Gong Mallet Direct Line from Olli Hess.

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Maximum sound enjoyment thanks to new material mix

With the Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line we go one step further to give you an even more powerful sound experience! The direct sound is based on a ball of cork covered with natural rubber. This allows for particularly powerful tones. The professional gong Mallet Direct Line was created for real lovers of the sound game and offers an impressive sound experience. The sound produced by the innovative mix of a wide variety of materials is quite clear in its statement .

Cork, natural rubber and wellness fleece – a head that packs a punch

The 70 mm wide head is made of three components: Cork, natural rubber and wellness fleece. The robust cork inside was provided with a 6 mm wide sheath of natural rubber, which gives the Profi Gong Mallet its special strength. This core was sheathed with a super soft and at the same time durable wellness fleece. This exciting mix of different materials allows you to let your energy run wild – this mallet is still gentle on your gong.

Handy and light – the ollihess professional gong Mallet Direct Line

What is powerful does not have to be heavy. This proves the professional gong Mallet Direct Line. Weighing only 0.220 kg, it is easy to hold and ensures fatigue-free sound play. The short handle is also a guarantee for fatigue-free and intensive sound play and has already proven itself with other mallets from the Olli Hess Mallet series.

Specially designed for gongs with a diameter of 50 cm or more, the Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line is a powerful tool that will give you a rich and energetic sound play. Of course, you can also use the mallet for singing bowls, but they should be XL singing bowls – and even then, due to its intensity, it is more suitable for concert use with singing bowls or for spatial filling with sounds.

Also perfect for White Sounds

Thanks to the special strength of the inner core, the Profi Gong Mallet Direct Line is also ideal for playing white sounds. White sounds, also known as white sounds, exert a very special magic on us. Clear, pure, immensely powerful, mysterious and deep – if you want to create these sounds with the Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line by Olli Hess, you should play the mallet as fast as possible on the gong. This is how the most powerful sounds are created. Due to the strength of the core, the noise on the gong can be maintained for a long time. The flushing of white sounds is another highlight that makes the professional gong Mallet Direct Line from ollihess.

Long shelf life

Thanks to the innovative composition and careful selection of raw materials, you can count on a long life. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful and intense sounding mallet and materials that won’t show signs of wear even after long use, this mallet is the one for you.

Always fairly produced and high quality

The Profi Gong Mallet Direct Line makes no compromises when it comes to quality and sound – and this is evident not only in the sound play, but also when you take a look at the careful workmanship of the mallet. We rely exclusively on manual work in production, which is implemented by an experienced team in small family businesses. All materials used for the Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line come from natural sources and are 100% vegan. Whenever possible, we use raw materials from the immediate region to design the mallets to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. These values are a special concern for us, because we also want to leave a world for our descendants. If you want to learn more about the values of Olli Hess, take a look at the “About Us” section – here we go into more detail about what sets our mallets apart and the high quality standards we set for each and every Gong Mallet.

Weight 0,220 kg
Dimensions N/A
Handle length

approx. 20 cm


approx. 17.55 mm


biologically waxed beech / natural rubber core, covered with wellness fleece (completely vegan)




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