About Olli Hess

Who is Olli Hess anyway?

The founder of the eponymous ollihess brand is not only characterized by a passion for sound instruments of various kinds. Over the years, he has also internalized a rich repertoire of strengths and weaknesses of many products, which he implements in his products.

Olli Hess on the gong with an ollihess Chakra Mallet

Olli Hess was born in northern Germany in 1974. The founder of the brand of the same name is now the father of three wonderful children and has realized his lifelong dream. In his small cubbyhole, he produced prototype after prototype in painstaking and sweaty manual labor. Even back then, Olli Hess was particularly keen to achieve unparalleled quality - especially in terms of workmanship and the sound spectrum.

Absolute dedication guarantees incomparable quality

This enormous dedication is still reflected in ollihess products today. People all over the world love the functional and visual quality features of ollihess products.

To ensure the high quality standard, all gongs are handmade by gong maker Broder Oetken in close cooperation with Olli Hess. All gongs are thoroughly tested by Olli Hess and only receive the ollihess seal of approval after an extensive quality check.

Olli Hess in production

High quality is not only important to him for his gongs, but for all ollihess products. They are produced 100% in Germany under fair conditions and the strictest quality standards. Olli Hess has a friendly relationship with all the people involved in the manufacture of his products. This means that the spirit of quality and enjoyment comes naturally.

Apart from quality assurance, the brand founder is of course also constantly driving the further development of his own products. New products from the creative mind of Olli Hess are constantly being turned into reality. In addition to further development, he gives individual training sessions, workshops and sound evenings in his sound room in Uenzen. His other creative outlet is his second hobby - photography.

The life of Olli Hess as a person and brand

After training as a craftsman and many years of professional experience, Olli Hess completed his training in Peter Hess sound massage in 2002. Between 2004 and 2008, he taught Peter Hess sound massage himself as an instructor.

In 2008, Olli Hess started to develop the first gongs of his brand. At the same time, he took part in a training course in heart rate variability measurement "Autonom Health" by Dr. Alfred Lohninger.

Finally, the ambitions of the company's own gong development paid off, as the ollihess Gong Freya 36 inch/91 cm was completed in 2010. Just one year later, the development of the first ollihess GongMallets was initiated. In 2012, the earth gong Sajda and the cosmic gong Wega were created.

New experiences and ideas are constantly flowing into his developments. This results in an ever-growing range of different mallets, which have fans all over the world thanks to their variety of applications and colors!

Olli Hess will be launching a brand new series of high-quality gong drivers in fall 2018.