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Olli Hess Gong Training March 2018

Olli Hess Gong Training

Small group with a maximum of 8 participants

In this practice-oriented gong training I will show you different playing techniques for gongs.

After a theoretical part with product information about the background and production of different gongs and mallets, the practical part follows, in which you can try out the gongs, mallets, mallets and rubbers.

I will show you different techniques to create different tones and moods on the gongs. You will learn how to conduct sound baths and sound journeys with the gong. If you like you can also bring your own gong.

Due to the small group size I have enough time for you!

In Brief:

-History and manufacture of gongs

-What you should know about the effects of different gong mallets, mallets and rubbers

-many practical exercises on ollihess gongs, Tam Tam G ong and Fen Gong or your own gong

At the end of the seminar you will have become better acquainted with the gong, will be able to conduct sound baths and sound journeys and will be able to conjure up the most diverse tones and moods from it.

Place: Bruchhausen-Vilsen (OT Uenzen) at hess klangkonzepte

When: 2. and March 3, 2018

Friday 18-21 h, Saturday 10-13 and 15-19 h

Cost: 285€ (without accommodation and meals)

The course fees are to be paid in advance.

Registration: ollihess, Uenzer Dorfstrasse 71, 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen


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