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Chakra tones and meditation – a perfect symbiosis

It is no longer a secret that sounds and vibrations can have a positive effect on our body. For thousands of years, people have used rhythmic sounds to enter a deep state of meditation. Energy work with chakras is also based on this principle, in which the frequencies and tones triggered by striking a gong or singing bowl have their very own effect. In this blog post, we’ll go into more detail about how sound work with gongs affects your body and mind. We show you which chakras can be addressed and how exactly meditation with gong and singing bowl works.

What is sound meditation with chakra frequencies about?

Sound meditation with chakra work is a very old and traditional form of meditation. With gentle and intense sounds that trigger vibrations and oscillations in the environment, you can enter a deep state of calm. All the attention is on yourself and your sensations. In this way it is possible for you to rediscover access to hidden emotions, longings and desires.

Sound meditation is therefore a state that one consciously enters in order to bring body and mind into harmony and to learn more about oneself. Different tones and their frequencies, which are created during the sound play with gong or singing bowl, address our body’s own chakras individually.

Chakra tones and notes – this is how you experience the sound journey in all its facets

Numerous sounds can be achieved with a gong. Special tones or notes ensure that you can specifically release blockages and activate chakras. As it is not always so easy to hit the right note, you can work with an instrument especially for chakras, especially at the beginning of your sound journeys.

Chakra Gong

Most commonly used are gongs that have been developed especially for chakra work. They make a variety of tones possible due to their special shape. The combination of high and low notes speaks to your innermost self and helps you achieve a deep form of meditation during sound meditation.

Chakra singing bowl

If you have already gained some experience in the field of sound meditation, you can of course also work with a chakra singing bowl. Especially for meditations alone the singing bowl is a good choice, because it is more compact and flexible to use. Also the tones you produce with a chakra singing bowl are very different from a classical chakra gong.

Chakra Gong Mallets

But it does not always need a special chakra instrument. Also with a Chakra Gong Mallet you can release specific blockages in your chakras. For chakra work Olli Hess has developed a Chakra Gong Mallet product line with which you can address the seven different chakras. The special thing about the two-tone mallets is that the beater heads are damped differently. So you can create different sounds and frequencies with one mallet and address up to two chakras. Only the professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 1 is single-coloured and only intended for addressing the crown chakra. You can get the professional Chakra Gong Mallets as a Mallet-Set or individually.

Whether you choose a Chakra Gong, a Chakra Singing Bowl or a Chakra Mallet always depends on your individual wishes.

What are the chakras and chakra tones?

In order to be able to deal intensively with sound work, one must first know which chakras there are. Each of the seven chakras has its own tasks and qualities. If a chakra is weakened or blocked, this has an effect on the soul and often causes physical and psychological problems.

1. the root chakra – muladhara chakra

The center of the root chakra is located directly at the tailbone, the lower end of the spine. It is considered a symbol of vitality and steadfastness. It is not uncommon for us to feel our very own connection to nature and ourselves in our root chakra. In the root chakra we find the balance of our life.

In order to strengthen the root chakra, the sound work with chakra tones is mainly aimed at deep, rhythmic sounds. Here the work with a gong is particularly suitable, which unfolds its full effect with the professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 4 from ollihess – especially developed for the root chakra.

2. the sacral chakra – Svadisthana Chakra

The center of the sacral chakra is located in our body a few centimeters below the navel, just above the pubic bone. The sacral chakra is the symbol for joie de vivre, creativity, love, sensation and pleasure. When the sacral chakra is in balance, it is easy for us to engage with other people and to go through life creatively.

To address the sacral chakra, you can focus on soft, darker tones during sound meditation. Here, too, the work with a gong offers itself, which can unfold its full power in the interaction with an ollihess Gong Mallet.

3. the solar plexus chakra (also called navel chakra) – Manipura chakra

The solar plexus chakra, sometimes called the navel chakra, is located at about the level of our stomach. It is assumed that this is exactly where our personality is located – with all its many facets. Our personal goals, desires and needs therefore also make up the solar plexus chakra. In addition, this area is considered our body’s energy reserve.

To activate the solar plexus chakra, you should use very specific tones in sound meditation. The professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 3 from ollihess is ideally suited for this purpose. Its gentle sounds address the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.

4. the heart chakra – anahata chakra

The heart chakra is the seat of love and affection. It sits directly above our heart and also represents selflessness, devotion and beauty. The heart chakra is particularly accessible to frequencies of all kinds, as versatility also plays an important role here. Especially the harmonic sound play, which combines bright and deep tones, appeals to this area of our body. With gentle vibrations, disturbances in the heart chakra can be released and the life energy reawakened.

To address the heart chakra we recommend our professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 3. It allows a versatile sound play with a gong or singing bowl.

5. the throat chakra – Vishuddha Chakra

The center of the laryngeal chakra is located directly at our throat, more precisely at the level of the larynx. It is considered the center of our communicative abilities: The conversation with others is influenced by our throat chakra as well as the perception of our inner voice. Disturbances in this area can lead to communicative difficulties, especially concerning one’s own feelings.

In order to activate the laryngeal chakra and to get clarity about one’s own wishes, our professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 2, which has been especially adapted to the needs of the laryngeal chakra, is the perfect solution. The fantastic sound play of this mallet comes into its own in combination with a chakra gong.

6. the forehead chakra – ajna chakra

With our forehead chakra we perceive subliminal things, statements and impressions that cannot be transmitted by the eyes and ears alone. The brow chakra is also called the “third eye” – a place of intuition, primal instincts and reason. But also the constant further development of our self, shaped by experiences and adventures, is processed and promoted in the forehead chakra.

In order to activate the brow chakra, lighter tones in particular are aimed for. This can increase mental activity, memory and our intuition.

With our professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2 you can target the Ajna Chakra on your sound instrument and bring energies into motion.

7. the crown chakra – sahasrara chakra

Located at the highest point of our head is the crown chakra, also known as the crown chakra. Responsible for our thinking, the crown chakra not only significantly influences our mood, but also ourselves. Freedom and trust in God are anchored in the crown chakra, always carried by a special spirituality.

In order to be able to activate the crown chakra, one strives for very harmonious and calm tones when playing sound. The professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH 1 from ollihess was designed to hit exactly these tones. It is not only suitable for chakra gong meditations, but also for sound journeys and sound concerts.

How does the Chakra Gong Meditation work?

For a chakra meditation with a gong you should take enough time. In addition to the actual meditation, it is important that you allow yourself some rest and time for yourself afterwards. This way you can let the vibrations work on you and draw on the energy that the sounds grant you. How long you want to relax to the sounds of the gong meditation is of course up to you. Even a few minutes can have an intense effect on our body, but even several hours are quite possible.

Here’s how:

1. start with a breathing exercise
When meditating with a Chakra Gong or special Chakra Mallets you always start with a relaxing breathing exercise. It helps you arrive on the spot and let go of all the stressful thoughts of everyday life. In this way you come to rest and prepare yourself physically and mentally to enter the world of chakra frequencies.

2. take a comfortable position
Then take up a position that is comfortable for you, which on the one hand allows you to relax completely, but at the same time is also well suited for the sound play. Position yourself in front of or next to the gong so that you can play it with a Chakra Mallet.

3. apply a special Chakra Mallet
Swing the Chakra Mallet gently so that the vibrations can unfold throughout the room. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer to produce low or high tones with the gong in order to satisfy your innermost wishes.

Our tip: If you want to release a blockage in a certain chakra, special Chakra Mallets are particularly suitable. Each Mallet enables a unique sound play, which is especially tuned to the individual chakras in the case of the Chakra Mallets. This way you address the blockages specifically and can actively work against them.

Energy and sound work with chakra frequencies

Meditation with a chakra gong, singing bowl or chakra mallet speaks to your innermost being in two ways: through the soothing tones and the gentle vibrations. They take up the entire room and resonate deep into your body. This allows the chakras to be gently activated.

There are a variety of different frequencies. To get the best out of your own energy and sound work, you should therefore vary according to your feelings and wishes. Besides major differences between chakra gongs and chakra singing bowls, it also depends on which chakra mallet you choose. With the ollihess mallets you can feel the variety of the chakras with tones and notes – also on gongs and singing bowls which are not specifically tuned to chakra frequencies.

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