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Chakra Mallet

Chakra Mallets – the hit for chakra work on the gong!

For a long time this idea was slumbering in me and now the work is complete! The inspiration came 4 years ago from my son David who plays drums. I learned that the felt on the bass drum’s foot machine has two different dampenings for different depths. This is how the idea of a mallet was born, with which one can produce two different pitches.

So these mallets have two sides that are insulated differently, two mallets in one, so to speak!

I found this possibility great for chakra work and connected the technique with the corresponding colors of the chakras.

Of course you can also use them just like that to elicit more sounds from your gong!

You get very low tones with the red/orange mallet, i.e. the one for the root and sacral chakra.

Solar plexus and heart chakra, as well as throat and forehead chakra can be reached with tones from your gong when using the green/yellow or light blue/indigo Mallet.

The only mallet with only one insulation is the mallet for the crown chakra in purple. It’s nice and small and gets the very bright tones out of the gong – exactly the ones you need for the crown chakra.

Great for concerts, meditations, therapeutic applications, sound, fantasy and chakra journeys, which can be performed on the gong or also on singing bowls.

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