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Sound recipe: combine eGong friction mallets with different mallets

In this sound recipe Olli shows you how you can set exciting accents with the ollihess eGong friction mallet. Especially if you want to upgrade an existing gong, the eGong friction mallet can be a useful addition. It provides more ease and the application is besides incredibly fun.

suitable for any setting
set highlights in existing gong play or passage

bright tones, clear frequencies



  1. Choose an existing gong game or passage that you know.
  2. Go through the game or passage once to locate the places you want to “refresh”.
  3. Take the reamer in your free hand or put down the other mallet and switch to the reamer. Hold the gong driver as loosely as possible.
  4. Choose a starting point on your gong: Advanced gong players can use the entire surface of the gong to draw out the bright frequencies. Olli recommends beginners to choose the place of the TamTam gong where the golden membrane merges into the black edge.
  5. Now gently guide the friction mallet over the surface of the gong. As you do so, imagine the bright tone of the eGong friction mallet gently grazing the sound space, leaving more clarity and spaciousness in its wake.
  6. Rub the gong for only a brief moment to make the sound appear and quickly fade away, similar to a shooting star. You can also have several “shooting stars” appear one after the other.
  7. Carefully weigh when and how often you use the rub to consciously use its effect. The rule is: the rarer, the more effective.
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