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Our mission is your perfect sound experience. We handcraft each of our gongs in small, family-owned factories. The nickel silver we use to make all of our flat gongs is one of the highest quality metals in the world. You’ll notice it right away when you play: particularly fine sound spectra and the perfect harmony between fundamental and overtones set our gongs apart from the rest.

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Which olli hess gong should I buy online?

Which ollihess gong you should buy depends not only on the area of application, but also mainly on your personal feeling and needs. There are different types of gongs, which differ in material, diameter and shape. The material used has a significant influence on the timbre of your instrument.

Which gong is the right one for you depends on various factors. Above all, pay attention to how the sound affects you and take enough time to perceive the vibrations and frequencies.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying a gong:.

  • Where do you want to use the gong?
  • What kind of music do you want to play on the gong?
  • Do you want to use the gong for meditation or therapy?
  • How big do you want your gong to be?

Still have questions for us or want to learn more about the timbre of a gong? Olli Hess also advises you personally – very uncomplicated via phone or email. We know how individual needs are and how we can best support you in finding the right instrument for you.

What is special about ollihess gongs?

The sound spectrum makes all the difference. Once you have played an Olli Hess gong, you will notice it immediately: the nickel silver from which all our gongs are made allows for very fine sound spectra.

We produce every single one of our gongs in a long lasting cooperation with the gong maker Broder Oetken in Germany. As a matter of principle, we only manufacture in small numbers and are close at every step: Olli Hess checks the sound of every single gong and always personally convinces himself of the quality. Each gong receives a special production number and can be provided with your individual engraving on request.

This makes our gongs so special:

    • Made by hand with a lot of heart
    • Particularly fine sound spectra
    • Made of high quality nickel silver
    • Sustainable and regional materials
    • Made in Germany
    • Fair production conditions

Buy high quality metal nickel silver gongs

Nickel silver is one of the highest quality metals in the world. All our gongs are formed from this material in a complex process to create a perfect sound body.

The nickel silver is completely annealed once at the edge and then only cold forged. In the process, as few blows as possible are applied to the metal plate. The result is your best sound experience. All the gongs you can buy in our store are especially overtone-friendly and less fractious.

What types of gongs are there?

Basically, you can distinguish between three categories: Flat gongs, hump gongs and kettle gongs. The flat gong is characterized by its rather flat disc, the hump gong is clearly arched in the middle, the kettle gong is reminiscent of a drum. In the ollihess store you can buy only flat gongs.

The flat gongs are divided into Fen gongs and TamTam gongs. The fen gong – often called feng gong – is formed from a very thin metal that becomes thinner towards the edge. The fen gong is forged flat and rimless and is characterized by a multi-faceted sound. The tam-tam gong, on the other hand, is clearly bent over at the rim, resulting in a voluminous sound. Flat gongs are well suited for energetic cleansing of rooms or for use in sound therapy.

The hump gong is characterized by a distinct bulge in the middle. Unlike the flat gong, it is struck only in the middle. Its sound is warm and calm and, compared to the tam-tam gong, does not swell after being struck, but develops a muted and floating tone. In addition, the hump gong has a definite pitch.

Kettle gongs are often called bronze drums because of their shape. They are placed on a body made of metal, similar to a drumhead, so that the striking surface is perpendicular to the ground.

What is the size and effect of ollihess gongs?

In our store you can find gongs with a diameter of 36 to 40 inches. The larger the gong, the more practice you should have in moving even a large amount of metal skillfully. As a beginner, it makes sense to start with a medium sized gong – too small gongs are usually difficult to control and move a lot. In our store you can buy gongs for advanced and beginners. In both cases, if you are unsure, let us advise you personally to find the perfect sound instrument for you.

The sound waves of a gong can have a calming effect and lead to relaxation. Today, sound is increasingly used in medicine and can also promote healing in chronic diseases and bring body and mind back into harmony.

The ollihess gongs: sadja gong, waya gong and freya gong

Turning metal into sound – that is our very great passion, which has been driving us for many years. This enthusiasm has also given rise to the ollihess flat gongs: Sadja, Wega and Freya. Each instrument in itself is for us the perfect composition of gong, sound and name.

The ollihess gong Sadja has a warm and deep timbre. The sound creates a deep sense of connection with the earth. Depending on the size, you can perceive subtle differences in the sound.

The ollihess Wega gong fully engages you with its powerful vibrations. The Vega is considered the most important star of the sun and is also the brightest in the northern sky. The deep sounds and wide overtone spectrum of the gong provide a very special energy.

In the ollihess Freya gong, the fundamental and overtone come together. The sound spectrum is balanced and harmonious.

Your Perfect Match: Buy Gong Mallets and Rubbers

You can bring out the full sound spectrum of your gong with the specially developed ollihess Gong Mallets. Our gong mallets and gong rubbers are available in different designs and are perfectly matched to our instruments.

Olli Hess himself is a passionate gong player and has made it his business to adapt all his products to your needs and wishes as a player in the best possible way. Besides the ergonomic handle with thickened end, especially the core of the beater head makes the difference. The soft natural rubber head and the felt insert are individually adapted to the respective mallet. The result: minimal impact noise and the full range of tones.

The weight, size and material of the mallet have a significant influence on the sound. For example, soft mallets produce warmer and softer tones, while harder ones can produce significantly shriller tones. A small mallet head allows you to play high notes, while a large one usually produces more low notes.

Which mallet is right for you depends entirely on your individual needs. However, we advise you to always play your instrument with a mallet specially designed for gongs. If you use an unsuitable mallet, it can damage the surface. Besides our gong mallets, you can also buy other accessories for your gong in our store.

The ollihess seal for highest quality

That’s why you can rely on us: Before we include a gong in our range, it goes through several quality checks. We put each instrument through its paces – from the appearance and workmanship of the gong to the most important point, the sound. Olli Hess personally convinces himself of the sound spectrum of each individual gong. Only if everything fits here, the gong receives the ollihess seal – a registered trademark – and is included in our range.

Sustainable and fair production

For us, producing fairly and sustainably is more than just a promise: We take every possible step to produce our products in harmony with our environment. For us, this includes above all the use of regional materials and production in small family businesses in Germany. We place special emphasis on the portion of love in the handwork that must not be missing in any of our products.


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