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Sound recipe: Create bright passages with two identical mallets

Sound recipe: Create bright passages with two identical mallets

In our sound recipes, Olli shows you step by step how you can work on your gong with different tools. Find inspiration for meditations, sound baths and more. In this sound recipe, you will learn how to create particularly bright passages with the M70 professional gong mallets.


suitable for any gong playing


Particularly bright passages



  1. Take a mallet in each hand and find a comfortable, seated position in front of your gong. The center of the gong should be approximately at chest level.
  2. Use both mallets to work the area where the golden membrane of the TamTam gong ends.
  3. Alternatively, you can also record only the black border.
  4. You can stay in one place or move in circles - close to or on the black rim - over the gong. This way of playing creates particularly bright passages with a very large and wide sound.
  5. For more warmth, add targeted strokes further towards the center of the gong, on the golden membrane.
  6. Concentrate entirely on this way of playing or add a passage to an existing gong to create more lightness and breadth.

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