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Sound recipe: combine eGong graters with different mallets

Sound recipe: combine eGong graters with different mallets

In this sound recipe, Olli shows you how you can set exciting accents with the ollihess eGong Reiber. The eGong reamer can be a useful addition, especially if you want to rework an existing gong game. It makes things easier and is also a lot of fun to use.


  • Suitable for every setting
  • Set highlights in an existing gong or passage


Bright tones, clear frequencies



  1. Choose an existing gong game or passage that you know.
  2. Go through the game or passage once to find the parts you want to "refresh".
  3. Take the reamer in your free hand or put down the other mallet and switch to the reamer. Hold the gong reamer as loosely as possible.
  4. Choose a starting point on your gong: Advanced gong players can use the entire surface of the gong to elicit the bright frequencies. For beginners, Olli recommends choosing the point on the TamTam gong where the golden membrane merges into the black edge.
  5. Now gently run the reamer over the surface of the gong. Imagine how the bright sound of the eGong gong driver gently touches the sound space and leaves more clarity and space.
  6. Rub the gong for just a brief moment to make the sound appear like a shooting star and then quickly fade away again. You can also make several "shooting stars" appear one after the other.
  7. Carefully weigh up when and how often you use the grater in order to consciously use its effect. The rule is: the less often, the more effective.

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