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Why we use beech wood in our gong mallets

If you want to experience the unique sounds of a gong in its full spectrum, you should be as careful in choosing accessories as you are in choosing the gong itself. Great influence on the sound of a gong has the gong mallet used. In addition to the processing of the mallets, the materials used are particularly important here. If these are particularly high-quality, this also has a direct effect on the sound quality.

In this article we would like to explain to you why we use beech wood in the stem of our mallets and what advantages this wood brings. Beech wood is considered one of the best options for gong mallets.

Durability and longevity

Beech wood is especially known for its durability and strength. As a hard and dense wood species, beech wood is extremely resistant to cracking and wear. During regular use, but also due to – not quite optimal – storage, different influences affect the materials used in the gong mallet. With beech wood as the material for the handle of your mallet, you can be sure that it won’t break quickly or get damaged while playing the gong.

Versatility in processing

Beech wood is very versatile and can be processed into different shapes and sizes. What this means for you is that you can find beech wood gong mallets in many different styles and sizes to fit your needs and desires. For example, it is also no problem to produce particularly long mallet handles and to adapt them optimally to the ergonomics of your body. Our gong mallets are available in a wide range of sizes and, with their thickened stem end, guarantee long playing pleasure, without any signs of fatigue in the arms or back.

handles of ollihess mallets made of beech wood
handles of ollihess mallets made of beech wood

Resonance capability

Another advantage of beech is its ability to resonate. Beech wood has a natural ability to absorb and also retransmit vibrations. Even if only the handle of a mallet is made of beech wood, this can affect the sound quality. A beech wood stem can help make the sound of the gong fuller and clearer.

Environmentally friendly and domestic

Every year, we plant 50 new trees in German forests together with Planet Tree – including some beech trees. Beech is a native wood and is one of the most common tree species in Germany. In addition to the short transport distances, another advantage is that beech trees grow back particularly quickly. Therefore, they are a sustainable choice for gong mallets. So if you value environmental friendliness, beech wood is a great choice.

Leaves of a beech tree Certificate Planet Tree from ollihess

So, to sum up, beech wood is one of the best options for gong mallets. Olli Hess deliberately chose this timeless wood at the time. Its long durability, resonance, versatility in processing and environmental friendliness make it an ideal material for mallets. Convince yourself of our high quality and carefully crafted gong beaters. All our products are handmade from the highest quality materials. Olli Hess is an experienced craftsman and specializes in making beech wood gong beaters.

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