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What are the special features of the ollihess gong driver Lava Edition?

With the Lava Edition of the ollihess gong drivers a very special series of rubbers has been launched!

Like all our gong drivers, the ollihess gong drivers Lava Editon are made of the highest quality materials and have been developed with extra dedication, love and sweat. Olli Hess not only pays attention to an eye-catching appearance, but also to an outstanding quality of workmanship.

Striking appearance

Already optically the gong driver Lava Edition of Ollihess stands out from other usual rubbers on the market. The black natural rubber head and a black handle give the grater a timeless look. Another practical feature is that dirt on the grater is not noticeable.

High quality materials

The materials used for the Ollihess gong driver Lava Edition are also of a particularly high quality. In addition, our strict quality controls and accuracy ensure an outstanding quality standard. The handle is made of high-quality plastic, the grater head of natural rubber.

Special material composition

Particularly with regard to the materials, special processing steps were necessary. First and foremost, this includes the recipe of the gong driver. Together with a chemist, countless different compositions were tried out in order to eliminate various interfering factors. Many conventional gong drivers squeak when they come into contact with a gong. Of course we wanted to avoid this and thanks to the special composition we can prevent it. In addition, this special composition also reduces the abrasion of the material. This not only protects the gong from dirt and scratches, but also ensures the longevity of the gong driver.

Special processing steps

Apart from the special material composition, we have also taken care of the production process. In order to be able to manufacture the Reiberkugel at all, special machines and tools are necessary. We have carried out many tests in advance with regard to the processing methods. In order to be able to grind the ball ideally, for example, the correct speed had to be found.

Our high quality standard is of course not only valid for the ball of the gong driver, but also for the stem. We have also paid special attention to this. The art was especially to build a jig to drill the holes for the stems without getting your fingers into the cutter.

We manufacture the graters with a lot of attention in our own workshop here in northern Germany. Due to the individual handwork, the ball thicknesses can differ by a few millimetres. However, this has no influence on the quality.

Tips from a professional and high quality packaging

We do not use plastic for packaging! In addition to a special value, the absence of plastic also conveys an ecological appearance.

In addition to the environmentally friendly packaging, each grater comes with an instruction leaflet that demonstrates the correct use of the gong driver. In addition, various care tips were particularly important to Olli Hess, which can also be found on the packaging insert.

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