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Visualization for the transition to the new year: explore your future self with your gong

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Visualizing your future self is a powerful way to consciously shape a new year. In our exercise, you combine your visual imagination with the sound resonance of the gong. In this way, you can align yourself with your wishes and make decisions now that are in harmony with your future self.

Step 1: Preparing the room

Before you take a seat in front of your gong, draw your attention to the room in which your instrument is located. Try to keep the space in which you carry out your sound practice tidy and clearly structured. This not only allows the vibrations of your gong to unfold freely – it also makes it easier for you to visualize your future self. Especially before the turn of the year, it is also advisable to use incense – such as white sage or lavender – to clear the room of the “old” and make room for the new. Don’t forget to air the room well for a few minutes afterwards.

Step 2: Positioning in front of the gong

Find a comfortable, seated position in front of your gong. The center of the gong should be approximately at chest level. Place a larger mallet and a smaller mallet or friction mallet within easy reach.

Step 3: Earthing and stability

Take the larger mallet and begin to play the gong very carefully. Tend to stay in the center of the gong and strike the gong again as soon as the vibrations subside. Try to close your eyes while doing this. The deep sounds that are created in this way support you in grounding yourself. Imagine how you release more and more weight towards the ground and connect with the earth beneath you. The image of a tree with strong roots deep in the earth can help here. Stay with this image and move in a circle along the gong or alternate between two opposite sides. Consciously absorb the vibrations into your pelvis and let them flow from there towards the floor. Feel how stability and security spread through you. Keep doing this until you feel well connected and grounded.

Step 4: Sound support for the vision

Once you feel stable and grounded, switch to a small fricition mallet or mallet and start playing soft light passages on the gong. You can move around the outer ring or the edge of the gong to make the mids and highs sound particularly good. The higher tones of the gong can support the manifestation of your vision.

Step 5: Visualization of the future self

Now begin to visualize your future self next to you. Vividly imagine who you would like to be in the coming year. How do you feel? What goals have you achieved? What qualities have you cultivated? What do you radiate? Where are you? Let your imagination come alive. Above all, use the bright sounds to engage with the emotions of your future self and feel them as intensely as possible in the present.

Step 6: Merging with your future self

Once you have drawn a clear picture of your future self and connected with this version of yourself through your feelings, you can take the next step: Now imagine your future self stepping behind your current self. Then switch to your large mallet and start producing low tones in the center of the gong again. Carried by these intense vibrations, you now imagine how your future self merges with your present self. The deep sounds also help you to anchor your future self in the now. Take as much time as you need for this step and play the gong mindfully so that the playing itself does not distract you from the visualization.

Step 7: Integration and gratitude

Return to calm when this process feels complete to you. Take a moment to reflect on what you have experienced. Feel the connection to your future self and feel gratitude for the opportunities that the coming year holds. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Repeat this visualization regularly throughout the year and use the energy of the gong to manifest your visions and move into the future with clarity.

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