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Tree planting with Planet Tree – our small investment in a greener future

Every tree planted today can make an important contribution to climate protection in just a few years. For us at Olli Hess, preserving nature and handling raw materials as gently as possible have been integral parts of our philosophy since the company was founded. But “only” the careful use of resources is not enough for us to symbolize our connection to nature. By planting new trees, we are going one step further – and thus also making a contribution to preserving nature for future generations.

“A mighty tree starts from a seed.”

What does Planet Tree do?

In 2020, the sad state of many German forests led a nature-loving family from Hesse to found an initiative to replant forest areas: The “Planet Tree” project was born. Since then, the initiative has enabled more than 90,000 trees to be planted throughout Germany in the forests of Bavaria, Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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We are also convinced by the idea of this project and therefore decided to have 50 trees planted in the name of Olli Hess in cooperation with Planet Tree. Every single newly planted tree will make an important contribution to climate protection in just a few years.

Why are Olli Hess and Planet Tree a good match?

We chose Planet Tree as our partner because it is particularly important to us that there are real experts behind the project who not only know exactly what they are doing, but above all ensure that the trees have a long life in the long term. So that you too can see for yourself that our investment is making a real contribution, you have the opportunity here to follow the development of the individual trees online. The exact locations of the trees we planted can also be viewed on the website. We look forward to a fruitful and sustainable collaboration with the Planet Tree initiative and the development of the trees we plant.

What role do sustainability and environmental awareness play at Olli Hess?

Production that is in harmony with nature is demanding. But for us it was clear from the start: We want to set a good example. Therefore, we develop natural products that are not based on exploitation, but are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Our family business is located in the heart of Germany and uses sustainable raw materials from the surrounding area for the production of all products. Our mallets are made of beech wood, which comes from regional cultivation. In this way, we avoid long transport routes and can ensure controlled wood decomposition.

Almost all products such as Olli Hess gong beaters are vegan, because we also avoid animal raw materials whenever possible. With this approach, we have been making an important contribution to environmental protection for many years. And in future product developments, too, we are always on the lookout for even more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.


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