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Big news: The new Flex Line is here!

There’s news from the workshop! Olli has been working on new ideas over the last few months and has put them straight into practice. The new Flex line has been available in the online store for a few days now. It promises not only innovative playing techniques, but also a wide range of sound possibilities that will delight even the most demanding gong players.

Special features of the new ollihess Flex Line at a glance

The Flex Line professional gong mallets are characterized by these properties:

Extremely flexible handle & extra large ball

The Flex Line Soft and Flex Line Direct swing particularly strongly thanks to their extremely flexible handle and oversized ball.

Wide range of sound options

The two mallets in the Flex Line offer different sound characteristics:

  • PGM Soft Line Flex: for soft, rich and deep sounds
  • PGM Direct Line Flex: for clear, direct and precise sounds

Universally applicable

You can play the PGM Flex Line on gongs from 40 cm to over 2 m.

Perfect as a couple

The combination of PGM Soft Line Flex and PGM Direct Line Flex provides a particularly wide range of possibilities and ensures a unique sound experience.

The two Flex Line models at a glance

ollihess Professional Gong Mallet Soft Line Flex

The ollihess professional gong mallet Soft Line Flex is your match if you want to produce particularly soft sounds on your gong. With its flexible plastic handle and 70 mm rubber ball, it conjures up rich and deep sounds. The combination of flexible handle and ball enables a unique playing experience – gentle and yet enormously powerful.

ollihess Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line Flex

The PGM Direct Line Flex is the right choice if you are looking for clear and direct sounds. Its flexible handle and the cork ball with natural rubber coating enable particularly precise nuances of sound. This mallet is ideal for fine accents and clear passages.

The Flex Line series in combination

Bring the two together: The combination of PGM Soft Line Flex and Direct Line Flex opens up an even broader spectrum of sounds. Together they create soundscapes ranging from gentle to powerful to extremely direct.

“With the Direct Line Soft & Flex you can quickly get a range of overtones out of your gong. The great flexibility creates an incredible number of possibilities. This makes it all the more important to have a clear focus when playing your gong and to constantly realign yourself with it.”

Alexandra Ott

Want to know more about Olli’s latest creation? Then take a look in our store and see the new Flex Line for yourself.

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