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Sound recipe: combine professional gong mallet L355 and S186

In our sound recipes Olli shows you step by step how to edit your gong with different tools. Find inspiration for meditations, sound baths and more. In the first sound recipe for a grounding gong meditation Olli combines the professional gong mallets L355 and S186.

grounding gong meditation

deep, room-filling, supporting and grounding



  1. Hold in the untrained hand the Gong Mallet L355. This is the mallet that gives your playing its base and provides a deep, massive fundamental.
  2. In the other hand you take the Gong Mallet S186. It allows you to play the mids and highs.
  3. Assume a comfortable, seated position. The center of the gong should be at about your chest level – this prevents bad posture.
  4. Begin to give the warm and deep pulse with the L355 in the center of the gong.
  5. Work your way outward with the S186 on the entire golden membrane up to the black edge. This is how you get all the mids and harmonics out of your instrument.
  6. You can move up and down – or right and left – from the center of the gong. Alternatively, you can just record one side – that’s easier.
  7. Continue playing the gong as long as it is appropriate for the meditation. As you approach the end, let the gong fade out and stay in silence for a few more breaths.
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