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Singing bowls: history, production & everything worth knowing

A singing bowl is a bowl made of bronze, which is set into vibration by hitting or rubbing and emits sounds. There are different types and techniques.

The history of the singing bowl

The singing bowl is said to have its origin in the Far East. In Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and India, the originally traditional kitchenware is said to have been used as a sound instrument. The widespread assumption that singing bowls played an essential role in Buddhist rituals is not confirmed and there seems to be no evidence for it, according to a popular opinion.

However, traditional Zen Buddhism undoubtedly works with similar tools. For example, the keisu is a standing bell that has the shape of a large singing bowl. Similarly, the Inkin embodies a singing bowl with style.

Making the singing bowl

Traditionally, long bowls are made from an alloy of copper and tin (also known as copper). Often the singing bowls still contain a variety of accompanying metals, such as silver, gold, iron, zinc, etc..

The production is based on the casting principle. A mixture of metals is melted down and put into a mould in small quantities. Then the round flat metal is driven into shape under heat. Afterwards the singing bowl is polished.

Especially in the Himalayan region the singing bowls were made under laborious manual work. Due to the increasing demand as well as the cost reduction, singing bowls are mostly only produced industrially with the help of a cheap brass alloy.


The singing bowls have found use mainly in the esoteric scene. The bowls are believed to have healing properties mainly due to the history of Buddhism, although there is no evidence to support this. In a so-called singing bowl therapy, the bowls are placed on the body and struck.

There are two different ways to elicit the sounds from the singing bowls. Either by brushing or by beating the shell. For both types of play ollihess has appropriate accessories on offer. With the help of the mallets, vibrations can be elicited both by hitting and by rubbing.

Best quality is our top priority

Ollihess offers not only gongs and accessories from our own production, but also a wide range of singing bowls. The Peter Hess singing bowls are the best singing bowls from our production. We guarantee high quality standards and the best quality of workmanship with our brand.

As with all ollihess products, a great deal of know-how, heart and sweat goes into the singing bowls. Because we believe that only with unconditional dedication can first-class products be created. So that you can also feel or hear this devotion, the singing bowls are tested several times and only if they are flawless, you get our seal of approval. Furthermore, all therapy singing bowls must correspond to the practical requirements of the Peter Hess sound methods or fulfil them.

To the singing bowls

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