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PS Basic Gong Mallet Series

New! The ollihess Basic Gong Mallet Series!

Today I present you my Basic Series – good quality for the smaller purse and still handmade in Germany!

In a beautiful rich (not too gaudy) red. I think he looks classy!

I made it for everyone who asked me to offer a cheaper, but still good option.

I started with three different sizes:

A light one(PS1, 250g) for medium tones on the gong, but also for large singing bowls from 5kg.

A somewhat heavier (but not too heavy!) one(PS2, 340g) for warm low tones on the gong.

An XL singing bowl mallet(PS3XL, 420g) with long handle for XL/foot singing bowls from 5kg. Here you can stand in the singing bowl and stimulate it without having to bend down.



Looking forward to your feedback!


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