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Professional Gong Mallet S186


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Mallet for all occasions

With the Profi Gong Mallet S186 Olli Hess has designed a mallet that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of sound and playing technique. With its low weight it lies well in the hand and is suitable as an all-round mallet for many types of gongs and singing bowls.

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High quality mallet for differentiated sound

The high-quality workmanship makes the Profi Gong Mallet S186 a durable mallet with which you can easily create great effects on gongs or singing bowls. Its light weight means you won’t experience wrist fatigue even when playing for long periods of time. The soft rubber head provides a differentiated sound without annoying background noise.

The mallet can also be used as a second mallet in combination with the Profi Gong Mallet L355, which is especially suitable for large gongs. This would give you a mallet for the fine, clear notes and one that fully exploits the enormous volume of a large gong.

Optimal balance in the hand

The Profi Gong Mallet S186 is relatively light with 186 grams of weight. This is partly due to its small head, which has a diameter of only 7.2 centimetres, but also to the materials used. Matching the head, the handle made of biologically waxed beech wood has a length of 30 centimetres and a diameter of 17.5 millimetres. The smart combination of head and handle ensures an optimal balance of the mallet. The handle ends in a thickening, which ensures that the Mallet fits well in your hand and does not slip.

With the Profi Gong Mallet S186 you can play gongs from 50 centimetres to 2 metres in diameter and singing bowls from 4 kilograms. It doesn’t overpower the smaller instruments, but gets a fine and precise sound out of the larger ones.

Light and soft rubber core

Inside the head is a natural rubber core, which is much lighter and softer than a core made of metal. It produces a clear sound without impact noise and was specially developed for playing on gongs and singing bowls. With these features you can use the professional Gong Mallet S186 very versatile.

Durable thanks to fleece sheathing

We manufacture our products so that you can enjoy them for many years. Durability is an important characteristic of all materials for us. For this reason, a high-quality and particularly hard-wearing wellness fleece was chosen for the sheathing of the head of the Profi Gong Mallet S186. On the one hand, this ensures that no scratches occur on your gong. On the other hand, it protects the mallet from abrasion. The fleece also brings colour into play: you can choose between 16 different colours.

Professional Gong Mallet S186: vegan mallet

Not only do we want our products to be high quality and have a long life. Wherever possible, we use vegan materials. This is also the case with the Profi Gong Mallet S186 – all materials used here are vegan.

Sustainably produced with regional materials

Because the environment is very important to us, we make no compromises in the manufacture of our products. We pay attention to a 100% sustainable production as well as fair working conditions. All products are handmade in Germany, materials are sourced from the region. We love to put our ideas into action and inspire you with our products. Find out more about our vision, materials used and manufacturing processes in the “About Olli Hess” section.

Product features

Areas of application: Gongs with a diameter from 50 cm to 2 m, singing bowls from 4 kg
Weight: approx. 186 g
Handle length: approx. 30 cm
Handle ø: approx. 17.55 mm
Head ø: Approx. 7.2 cm.
Material: Beech biologically waxed / Fleece
Colors: available in 16 different colours
Weight 0,186 kg
Dimensions 38,0 × 7,5 × 7,5 cm
Handle length

approx. 30 cm

Handle ø

approx. 17.55 mm

Head ø

approx. 7.2 cm


biologically waxed beech / natural rubber core, covered with wellness fleece (completely vegan)


brown, red, berry, pink, orange, yellow, apple green, blue, lilac, turquoise, black, cream, taupe, dark blue, petrol, plum, stone, jeans, iceblue, say, cloud, mauve, mustard, olive, forest, sand, terracotta


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