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Professional Gong Mallets Flex Line Series

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The PGM Soft Line Flex and PGM Direct Line Flex offer you incomparable sound possibilities thanks to the extremely flexible stem. They are the result of innovative craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

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Special feature:
swings strongly due to enormously flexible handle & extra large ball
PGM Soft Line Flex: soft, rich and deep sounds
PGM Direct Line Flex: clear, direct and precise sounds
Gongs from 40 cm to over 2 m
Plastic, rubber-rubber mixture, natural rubber, cork

ollihess Professional Gong Mallet Soft Line Flex

The ollihess professional Mallet Soft Line Flex gong is a master of gentle sounds. With its flexible plastic handle and 70 mm rubber ball, it produces rich and deep sounds. The flexible handle, which we also use in the PGM Move Line, allows the gong to be played with little energy expenditure, while the large ball sets the gong in motion with impressive vibrations. The combination of 8 mm handle and large ball makes the mallet extremely bouncy. This enables a unique playing experience: if you move the mallet very gently, sounds from the center are possible. If the ball moves very strongly, you can achieve extremely powerful tones.

Properties at a glance

  • Color: Jeans
  • Surface: Wellness fleece
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Length: 36 cm
  • Handle: Ø 8 mm, black plastic, coated with cork at the end of the handle
  • Head: Ø 70 mm, rubber ball covered with wellness fleece

ollihess Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line Flex

The PGM Direct Line Flex goes straight ahead: it is the expert for clear and direct sounds. The cork ball, coated with natural rubber, enables precise sound nuances. Its flexible 8 mm handle opens up a whole new range of tension and playing possibilities and thus differs significantly from gong mallets with rigid wooden handles. If you play it normally, you can set cool, subtle accents in a passage. Please note, however, that the flexible handle makes it unsuitable for white sounds, as the mallet will start to vibrate more and more as you play and at a certain point you will hit nothing.

Properties at a glance

  • Color: Taupe
  • Weight: approx. 185 g
  • Length: 37 cm
  • Handle: Ø 8 mm, black plastic, coated with cork at the end of the handle
  • Head: Ø 70 mm, cork core with rubber coating and wellness fleece cover

Pro tip: the Flex Line series in combination

Even better as a pair: the combination of PGM Soft Line Flex and Direct Line Flex opens up an enormously broad spectrum of sounds. With the Soft Line Flex, you can dive into calm, deep waters – while the Direct Line Flex lays a bright, clear carpet over them. Together they create a fascinating sound experience that stands out visually and sonically from our PGM Direct Line.

Longevity and sustainability

Like all ollihess products, our new series is not only impressive in terms of sound, but also durable and sustainable. We select our raw materials carefully and only choose raw materials from the local region. Find out more about our values in the“About us” section.

Made in a family business

By carefully selecting the materials and handcrafting them in small family businesses in Germany, we guarantee you the highest quality. All products are manufactured under fair working conditions using the best raw materials.

Weight 0,225 kg
Dimensions 36 cm

direct, soft

Handle ø

approx. 8 mm

Head ø

approx. 70 mm


Plastic handle with cork cover, ball with cork, rubber-rubber mixture, wellness fleece, Plastic handle with cork coating, ball with cork, natural rubber, wellness fleece (completely vegan)


jeans, taupe


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