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Professional Gong Mallet M305


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Professional Gong Mallet M305


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Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

***New the Professional Gong Mallet M305***

The M series of gong mallets is distinguished by the fact that the handle is shorter than on other gong mallets.


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Professional Gong Mallet M305


Olli Hess has developed a new Gong Mallet!


Brand new in the assortment is the Profi Gong Mallet M305.

It is characterized by a very short handle and thus improved playability.


The Gong-Mallets from ollihess are divided into series with different characteristics. With the

new Mallet PGM M305, we can now also say that we have started an M series. It exists

already the Mallet PGM M174, the M 305 is a new addition.

With this Mallet you have a whole new playing feeling, which comes from the short handle.


The series M of the Gong-Mallets is characterized by the fact that the handle is shorter than in other

Gong mallet. This means that the handle of the PGM M305, which is made of waxed beech wood, is only 20 cm long.


This makes it very compact. Due to the shortened handle, the feel is even better.

more immediate, rhythmically it can be played particularly well, because the leverage in the hand

is very low and you have a better control while playing.

This allows the Mallet to be used well in pairs for twirling, no wrist fatigue will occur.


The thickened end of the handle fits very well in the hand, the mallet does not slip. The M305 distinguishes

from the M174 through his head. It is slightly larger, the diameter is 8.5 cm. With this

you will achieve a full, deep tone when striking the gong. Nevertheless, the Mallet weighs only 305 g.


It is available in all the popular colours of the colour collection, which means for every taste

there’s a color in it. Like all other mallets from ollihess, the PGM M305 is also completely manufactured in

Germany handmade, from largely regional materials.

If you are looking for a gong mallet that is good for rhythmic playing,

the PGM M305 is just right for you. With the short handle it is very good for long,

full-sounding pegs without having cramps in your wrist afterwards.

With the PGM M305 ollihess has succeeded in creating a gong mallet for a new playing and sound experience. The

short handle results in very effective playing with full sound volume. On large gongs conjures

you for example with a pair of PGM M305 a long lasting low tone.

Additional information

Weight 0,305 kg
Dimensions 200 × 8,5 × 8,5 cm

brown, red, berry, pink, orange, yellow, apple green, blue, lilac, turquoise, black, cream, taupe, dark blue, petrol, plum, stone, jeans, iceblue, say, cloud, mauve, mustard, olive, forest, sand, terracotta


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