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Professional Gong Mallet L460


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Large Gong Mallet for soft and low tones

With our professional Gong Mallet L460 you can create beautiful warm and earthy tones with depth. The core is made of a particularly supple material, which ensures that impact noise is almost completely eliminated.

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Large mallet for full sound with larger gongs

With the Profi Gong Mallet L460 you can exploit the full sound spectrum of larger gongs with a soft touch. The Chakra Fleece insulation ensures that impact noise is almost completely eliminated. With a handle length of 32 cm, the Profi Gong Mallet L460 is one of our largest mallets and is very well suited for playing large gongs.

Even though the mallet is one of the largest in our range, it always lies comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape. This enables you to play your sound instrument for a long time – without physical discomfort.

Lightweight and always comfortable in your hand

Your needs are our focus: With the handle thickened at the end and a material made of biologically waxed beech, the mallet for large gongs always lies well in the hand. The thickened end ensures that the Gong Mallet does not suddenly slip away from you and unexpectedly pull you out of your game.

The style and head are perfectly balanced, so you’ll have a better posture while playing and can concentrate fully on yourself or your participants – without tired arms or back pain.

With a handle length of 33 centimeters, the Profi Gong Mallet L460 is one of our largest mallets – but due to the materials used, it is still very light. Nevertheless, you don’t have to compromise on the sound.

Super soft rubber head for warm and deep tones

We have developed the innovative natural rubber head especially for our mallets. The material we use in the head of the Profi Gong Mallet L460 is particularly supple. In this way we were able to almost completely eliminate the often so annoying touch noise. For you this means: no more sound meditations or sound journeys with annoying background noise.

Long shelf life

We attach great importance to durability in every single component of our mallets. The material of the head of our Profi Gong Mallet L460 is made of a resistant and especially cuddly Chakra-Fleece. This ensures long durability, protects the mallet from abrasion and your gong from unnecessary scratches.

Professional Gong Mallet L460: Your vegan Gong Mallet

Our professional Gong Mallet L460 is one of the most sustainable mallets on the market. From the handle to the head of the mallet, we use only vegan materials.

Fair production and high quality handwork

We keep our promise: Our Gong Mallets are 100% sustainably produced under fair working conditions. The Gong Mallet L460 is – like all our products – handmade in Germany in family-run factories. All materials used are sourced from the local region.

Olli Hess is not running out of ideas anytime soon. He always loves to invent new products that are even better adapted to your needs and wishes. In the section “About Olli Hess” you can learn more about our vision, the materials and the production of our gong mallets.

 Product features

Areas of application: all larger gongs
Tones: warm and earthy tones with depth
Weight: approx. 460 g
Handle length: approx. 33 cm
Handle ø: approx. 22.55 mm
Head ø: approx. 10 cm
Material: biologically waxed beech / natural rubber, covered with Chakra fleece (completely vegan)
Colors: available in 17 different colours

Additional information

Weight 0,460 kg
Dimensions N/A

approx. 33 cm

Griff ø

approx. 22.55 mm

Kopf ø

approx. 10 cm


biologically waxed beech / natural rubber, covered with Chakra fleece (completely vegan)


all larger gongs


brown, red, berry, pink, orange, yellow, apple green, blue, lilac, turquoise, black, cream, taupe, dark blue, petrol, plum, stone, jeans, iceblue, say, cloud, mauve, mustard, olive, forest, sand, terracotta


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