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Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH4


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

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Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH4


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days
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Powerful sounds for the root chakra

Like all our chakra mallets, the Profi Gong Mallet CH4 is universally suitable for a variety of sounds and tones. However, the strong but also very gentle tone stands out here, which is especially suitable for energy work on your root chakra.

20 in stock (can be backordered)

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The Universal Chakra Gong Mallet CH4 – for deep sound areas in the root chakra

The harmony between body, mind and soul gets out of balance all too quickly in stressful times. To bring some peace into your life, energy and chakra work is quite an excellent solution. You will be accompanied by the professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH4 by Olli Hess, which was specially developed for gentle loosening of the root chakra.

With its very deep tones and intuitive playing, you will bring balance back into your everyday life in no time. The versatility of the Chakra Mallet is of course particularly outstanding. Whether long gong meditations for absolute relaxation, exciting sound journeys through the world of tones or simply a very intuitive game where you can give free rein to your creativity – with the ollihess Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH4 you can fully live out your passion for sounds.

The deep meaning of your root chakra

The root chakra is also called the 1st chakra or muladhara. This term is made up of two components: “mula”, which stands for root, and “adhara”, which translates as support. And so it also becomes clear what task your root chakra fulfils: It is the symbol for the deep connection with the earth, for being rooted in this world.

The root chakra is located exactly at the level of the coccyx and secures the feeling of vitality and basic trust. Blockages in the root chakra can therefore express fears, but also a lack of confidence. Tension in your root chakra often manifests as low back pain. And this is exactly where our professional Gong Mallet CH4 comes in: Relaxing sounds that reach your root chakra and help you find the path to inner peace.

Ergonomic grip and lightness combined

With the Profi Gong Mallet CH4 we have developed another mallet that can be used universally for numerous sound journeys and meditations. The depth of the sounds, which specifically addresses the root chakra, is particularly inspiring. The head size and the damping were designed in such a way that the lowest possible sound ranges can be achieved. But also the lightness of the mallet and the ergonomic grip contribute their part to such a sonorous experience with the Profi Gong Mallet CH4.

Whether long gong meditations, varied journeys through the world of sound or rhythmic playing based simply on your innermost wishes and longings – the professional Gong Mallet CH4 makes it possible for you!

A professional mallet for chakra journeys – with many special features

For the Chakra Gong Mallet CH4 Olli Hess uses a very long stem which allows you to play comfortably at any time. Even during sound massages or long concerts the Chakra Profi Gong Mallet CH4 does not show any signs of fatigue.

The special length of the mallet allows you to strike the sound instruments in a relaxed and very back-friendly way, which brings the low tone even more into focus. Of course, our vegan mallet can be used with both gong and singing bowl.

Handmade mallets from German production

Your demands come first: The wishes of our customers inspire Olli Hess again and again to develop new mallets. Our Olli Hess Profi Gong Mallets impress with their durable quality, which is based on handmade materials. We put a lot of fine work into the production of the vegan Chakra Gong Mallets, which results in a unique sound. Of course, we also make sure to use regional materials from organic cultivation in order to make a real statement in terms of nature conservation and environmental protection.

We are happy when our Chakra Gong Mallets and mallets accompany you on inspiring journeys through the world of sounds. Your fascination for the variety of sounds is a matter of the heart for us. In the “About us” section you can find out more about what drives us in our daily work and what vision we follow in order to offer you the most beautiful sound experiences.

Product features

Areas of application:Gongs from ø 50 cm up to 2 m / singing bowls from 4 kg
Tones:low to very low tones
Weight:approx. 370 g
Handle length:approx. 30,5 cm
Overall length:approx. 39,5 cm
Handle ø:approx. 22.55 mm
Head ø:approx. 8,5 cm
Material:biologically waxed beech / natural rubber core, covered with wellness fleece (completely vegan)

Additional information

Weight 0,370 kg
Dimensions 39,0 × 10,0 × 10,0 cm


Total length

approx. 39,5 cm

Handle ø

approx. 22.55 mm

Head ø

approx. 8,5 cm


biologically waxed beech / natural rubber core, covered with wellness fleece (completely vegan)


low to very low tones

Areas of application

Gongs from ø 50 cm up to 2 m / singing bowls from 4 kg


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