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ollihess gong Wega 40 inch

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Huge sound volume and deep connection

Our Gong Wega sets your soul in vibration. The cosmic spherical sound reminds us that everything has one and the same origin. In this gong you will find huge sound volume and durable materials.

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Spherical gong with depth and multiple effects

Connect with the universe: the ollihess gong Wega 40 inch was made of high quality nickel silver and reflects the primordial properties of the Wega, the most important star after the sun. Our flat gong creates a resonance of connection and musical expression. Like the Vega, it has the ability to make man aware of the essence of interconnectedness and remind us that we all have a common origin.

ollihess gong Wega – made of high quality nickel silver

Nickel silver is one of the highest quality metals in the world. The composition of the material allows you to get very fine sound spectra. The sound is also often described as precise and factually differentiated.

Nickel silver is a name for a copper-nickel-zinc alloy and is characterized by high corrosion resistance, strength and a silvery-white appearance. The advantage for you: Long enjoyment of your instrument, an impressive appearance and a unique sound.

The ollihess Gong Wega has a diameter of 40 inches, or 102 centimeters, and a weight of 14.7 kilograms.

Cosmic sound with flat gong Wega

A flat gong, like our Wega gong, stands out for its rather flat disc and is formed from a very thin material that gets thinner towards the edge. Unlike a humped gong, you can play a flat gong on the entire surface.

Spherical and cosmic are the words that best describe the sound of the ollihess gong Wega. Its sound reminds you of the vibrational properties of your own soul and makes you realize that everything in the universe has a common origin.

Perfect in combination with the ollihess Gong Mallets

Our gong mal lets and gong drivers have been perfectly matched to the ollihess gongs. The different versions we offer in our store allow you to exploit the full sound volume of the Wega gong.

Depending on what tones you want to create, different gong mallets and rubbers are suitable.

Long durability due to high quality materials

Nickel silver is characterized by particularly high strength and resistance to corrosion. If you decide to buy a gong from Olli Hess, you always decide for particularly long durability and the best materials. Each of our gongs is given an individual production number. If you wish, you can also have your gong personalized with an engraving.

Fairly produced in high quality handwork

We keep our promise: In the manufacture of our gongs, we focus on sustainable production and fair working conditions. All our gongs are carefully handcrafted in the Oetken manufactory in Germany. In close cooperation with gong master Broder, this creates quite extraordinary sound. Whenever possible, we source our materials from the nearby region.

It is our passion to turn metal into sound. In our three flat gongs Sadja, Wega and Freya we have created the perfect combination of gong, sound and name. You can learn more about our vision, our working methods and materials in the section “About Olli Hess“.

Product features

Areas of application: Sound therapy, meditation, concerts and more
Tones: spherical and cosmic sounds
Weight: approx. 18 kg
Diameter ø: approx. ø 102 cm/40 inch
Material: Nickel silver
Color: silver
Weight 18 kg

40 inch

Areas of application:

Sound therapy, meditation, concerts and more


spherical and cosmic sounds


Nickel silver




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