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ollihess gong Sadja 40 inch

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Earth gong with warm sound rich in overtones

The sound of our Sadja 40 inch gong makes you feel the deep connection with the earth. The high quality nickel silver from which it was made allows for very fine sound spectra.

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OM – the unfathomable sound of the earth year

The sound of the planetary tone of the earth: With our flat gong Sadja you can directly experience the primal contact with creation. Earth tone has an intense effect on people and is very often used in sound therapy. The cosmic frequency promotes calm and serenity and makes us feel the deep connection to the earth. The earth tone is also associated with the area of the heart chakra and can be used well in sound therapy in this area.

ollihess gong Sadja 40 inch handmade from high quality nickel silver

So that you can enjoy your instrument for a long time: The ollihess Gong Sadja 40 inch is made of durable nickel silver in a particularly gentle forging process. Nickel silver is one of the highest quality metals in the world. In addition, the material allows to create very fine sound spectra on the gong.

This variant of the ollihess Gong Sadja has a diameter of 40 inches, or 102 centimeters, and a weight of 14.7 kilograms.

Warm and deep timbre with flat gong Sadja 40 inch

Flat gongs – like the ollihess Sadja 40 inch – are characterized by a relatively flat and thin disc. In a complex process, the perfect sound body is formed from nickel silver. In contrast to humped gongs, flat gongs can be played on the entire surface.

Cosmic and full of mystery: Planetary tones, like the earth tone, let us experience the unity and deep connection with the earth physically and spiritually. The cosmic primal sound Sadja, which corresponds to the sound OM, has been used for thousands of years in rituals, classical Indian music and meditations. The Sadja 40 inch gong by Olli Hess is tuned to the year tone of the earth year and can support your inner serenity and acceptance.

Perfect Match with the ollihess Gong Mallets

Exploit the full sound spectrum! The ollihess gong drivers and gong mallets are perfectly matched to our flat gongs: The ergonomically shaped handle is always light and comfortable in your hand. The head of our mallets is made of a soft natural rubber, which we cover with a high-quality wellness fleece. Due to the composition of the materials, we have succeeded in almost completely eliminating the impact noise that is often so annoying.

Long shelf life and gentle manufacturing process

The nickel silver from which the Sadja 40 inch gong is made is processed in a multi-stage forging process. After the metal has been annealed once, it is processed exclusively cold. As few blows as possible are made to the metal plate.

The alloy of copper, nickel and zinc has high strength and and is characterized by its durability. The material composition also makes the gong extremely resistant to corrosion.

At the end of the manufacturing process, each Olli Hess gong is given an individual production number. On request we provide your gong with a personal engraving.

Loving handwork under fair working conditions

This is how exceptional sound is created: like all our gongs, we have the Sadja 40 inch gong handmade at the Oetken manufactory in Germany, in close cooperation with the gong master Broder. We are convinced that gentle manufacturing processes, the use of sustainable raw materials and fair working conditions have a very direct impact on the sound of an instrument. We always choose our raw materials with care and source them from the nearby region whenever possible.

The perfect composition between gong, sound and name: our flat gongs Sadja, Wega and Freya harmony with nature. You can learn more about our journey, our manufacturing processes and the raw materials we use in the “About Olli Hess” section.

Product features

Areas of application: Sound therapy, meditation, concerts and more
Tones: rich in overtones, warm and deep tones
Weight: approx. 18 kg
Diameter ø: approx. ø 102 cm/40 inch
Material: Nickel silver
Color: silver
Weight 18 kg

40 inch

Areas of application:

Sound therapy, meditation, concerts and more


rich in overtones, warm and deep tones


Nickel silver




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