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ollihess gong driver tie dye edition

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With an eye-catching batik look and a super soft surface, the Olli Hess gong driver “Tie Dye Edition” provides a whole new sound. The only gently roughened natural rubber is sustainable, environmentally friendly and brings new facets to your sound game.

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Exciting look and beautiful sound

You are looking for the unusual? Then the Olli Hess Gong friction mallet Tie dye Edition is the right choice for you. The batik look with bright and calm colors alternates to create a very unique pattern. Each Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet is made from a super soft natural rubber. The color gradient and natural casting makes each one unique.

Due to the special softness of the natural rubber head and the only very gently roughened surface, a whole new variety of facets is created in the sound game. During processing, we deliberately avoid roughening with arrows and rasps and instead rely on a very soft surface. This allows you to evoke very light and dark tones equally in the sound game.

Color play complements sound play – the ollihess gong friction mallet Tie Dye Edition

In the production of the ollihess Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet we use already pre-dyed natural rubber, which is mixed during the rolling process. Then, from the rolled mass, we take small square pieces that are superimposed and fused together in the baking pan for the grater head. In this way, the marbled or batik look of the Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet is created naturally. This process makes each grater an absolutely unique piece.

Each tie dye gong friction mallet is unique

Not only the individual batik look makes each reamer unique. Many friction mallet heads are ground down deeply to deliberately hide the inclusion seam of the ball halves and various influences from casting. With the ollihess Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet, we do without this process in order to preserve the very exceptional surface of the natural rubber head. However, the characteristics from casting and the visible inclusion seam has no effect on the sound play. Due to the particularly soft surface, especially fine tone facets can be discovered when playing the Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallets, which can hardly be reached with many conventional gong friction mallets. At the same time, we reduce production waste, which makes the Tie Dye Edition gong driver extremely environmentally friendly.

Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet in different sizes and colors

The Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet is available in either a vibrant blue-green or a more subtle black-grey – so whether it’s flashy or subtle, it’s up to you! You also have the choice between different sizes, each of which produces its own unique sound:

  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 60 mm

Which size is suitable for your wishes depends on many factors. So your choice should include whether you want to use the gong friction mallet on a gong or in a singing bowl and how big your instrument is.

Flexible and unbreakable handle

The Tie Dye gong friction mallet is made of an extremely flexible and break-resistant material that provides an optimal grip. The 6 mm wide and 16.5 cm long handle is black. It convinces with an optimal grip, which makes it easier for you to play the sound. Weighing only 20 grams, the Tie Dye gong frictions mallet handle is designed to prevent fatigue in your arms or back, even when playing sound for long periods of time. As with the friction mallet head, we also rely on sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials for the production of the handle.

Vegan gong friction mallets made from natural raw materials – Olli Hess stands for sustainability & environmental awareness

For us it is enormously important that the production of our gong friction mallets and mallets is in balance with nature. Therefore, we use almost exclusively vegan materials from renewable sources for the creation of our gong drivers and gong mallets. Whenever possible, we use regional raw materials that are grown and processed by longstanding partners.

Olli Hess is always looking for new creative ways to make production even more environmentally friendly. So also manufacturing process of each gong friction mallet is supervised by Olli personally – his many years of experience and his lifeblood flows into every single product. You can also find more information about our ethical understanding and more at Olli on our “About Us” page – check it out!

Product features

Tones:comprehensive range of tone nuances, including soft and light tones
Weight:approx. 22 to 116 g
Overall length:19.5 to 20.5 cm
Handle length:ca. 21 cm
Handle ø:approx. 6 mm
Head ø:ø 30 cm to ø 60 cm
Material:Natural rubber (completely vegan)
Colors:blue-green, black-grey

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

22 to 116 g


, , ,


blue-green, black-grey


19.5 to 20.5 cm


ca. 21 cm

Griff ø

approx. 6 mm

Kopf ø

approx. ø 30 cm to 60 cm


Natural rubber (completely vegan)


comprehensive range of tone nuances, including soft and light tones


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