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friction mallet 70mm
ollihess friction mallet Lava Edition 70 mm


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ollihess friction mallet Lava Edition 70 mm


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Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

With the Lava Edition 70 gong driver, you can create exceptionally melodic sounds – without leaving any residue on your instrument. Made entirely of natural rubber and in subtle black, its design immediately catches the eye.

12 in stock (can be backordered)

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For your diverse sound game with bright and rhythmic melodies

Your friction mallet for new dimensions of sound: In almost every culture, the rhythmic sounds of the gong have been used for special rituals and occasions to lift the spirit to a new level and dive deep into a supernatural world that we cannot possibly grasp with our hands. This is exactly where the friction mallets from the Lava Edition of Olli Hess: While a gong mallet usually low, effective tones are produced, the ollihess friction mallet Lava Edition 70 allows you a very special sound play, which reaches the most diverse heights and depths. By rubbing with a friction mallet, you’ll reach completely new dimensions of sound – from bright tones to rhythmic melodies.

Friction mallet Lava Edition 70mm
ollihess professional friction mallet made in germany Lava Edition 70mm

Handmade from natural rubber – always pleasantly light in your hand

We want to surprise you with something special. The black head of the reamer, handmade from natural rubber, immediately catches the eye with a diameter of 70 mm. Due to the roughened surface, the grater head is reminiscent of cooled lava stone. The slightly roughened surface also ensures that when the gong is rubbed, a very intense and deep sound is produced, the vibrations of which immediately get under the skin.

With 185 grams, the friction mallet Lava Edition 70 is a real heavyweight among friction mallets. Still, you don’t have to expect any signs of fatigue when playing sound, because the handle is made of a very light and grippy fiberglass that can easily withstand even the high pressure of the head. For an even more comfortable sound practice, we have the ollihess friction mallets Lava Edition 70 additionally coated with cork, so that the handle is safe and secure in your hand. Due to the high weight and the special grip, only little pressure on the gong surface is necessary to produce intense and harmonic tones. Despite its diversity of materials, the friction mallet Lava Edition 70 is completely vegan.

Visual effects with the friction mallet Lava Edition 70

The friction mallet Lava Edition 70 from ollihess is particularly suitable for the tam-tam gong, where the different areas also produce different tones. Due to the very soft rubber surface, the friction mallet leaves no residue on the surface of your gong.

Let yourself be surprised by the visual effects: if you play the gong in the bright area, the black color of the rubber head creates an exciting contrast that blends directly with the black edge of the gong. If you want to play the friction mallet on a black area of the gong instead, the sounds are produced with the Lava Edition 70 friction mallet felt invisible.

Discover your possibilities: Of course, you can use the friction mallet not only for playing gongs, but also to create extraordinary sounds on singing bowls.

Fair production according to the highest quality standards

Naturalness, sustainability and environmental awareness – we also follow high quality standards in the production of the Gongreiber Lava Edition 70. In the production of Olli Hess friction mallets, we use only sustainable and high-quality raw materials, which we have processed by hand in small family businesses in Germany. This is how we ensure the best possible quality for every product.

We are convinced that this is one of the reasons why our friction mallets offer you a particularly beautiful and versatile sound, which is ideal for sound games, meditations or performances. You can find out more about Olli Hess and our products in the “About us” section.

Product features

Areas of application:all larger gongs, TamTam gongs
Tones:bright tones and rhythmic melodies
Weight:approx. 185 g
Head ø:Rubber, ø 70 cm
Material:Natural rubber (completely vegan)

Additional information

Weight 0,185 kg
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 7 cm
Kopf ø

approx. ø 70 cm


Natural rubber (completely vegan)




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