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Only when we are fully convinced of materials, manufacturing process and sound, a sound instrument finds its way into our store. We rely not only on our many years of experience – above all, we listen to your wishes and needs. For this reason, you can buy at ollihess very different sound instruments, customized and selected according to your requirements.

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Which sound instrument from Olli Hess should I buy?

Sound instruments come in very different shapes and forms. Which one is right for you depends not only on the purpose for which you want to use it – what matters most is what appeals to you personally. For example, the rain sound column with its trickle and rush-like tones is well suited for meditation and improvisation; a table tube chime, on the other hand, is very versatile and allows for short to endless sounding tones. For a long-lasting, overtone-rich sound, we recommend wah-wah tubes, for example. They are very easy to use, are struck with a rubber mallet and by alternately closing and opening the sound hole, the unique “Wah Wah” effect is created.

We take the same care in selecting our sound instruments as we do in making our gongs, mallets or rubbers. So no matter which instrument you choose, you can be sure that it will meet our high standards for quality and materials that we apply to all of our products.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying a sound instrument:
Where do you want to use the sound instrument?
What sounds do you want to create with your sound instrument?
Do you want to use the instrument for sound meditation or therapy?
Are you looking for a small, handy sound instrument or can it be bigger?

You have questions, wishes, suggestions? We will take care of them personally. Olli Hess advises you about the sound instruments in a very uncomplicated way via telephone and e-mail. In this way, we make sure that you can easily find the right instrument for you online.

What is special about the sound instruments from Olli Hess?

Many of the sound instruments that you can buy in our store are manufactured by long-term partners. Even if we do not develop an instrument ourselves, we place the same high demands on our partners as we do on ourselves: We insist on fair production conditions, the use of sustainable and regional materials, and manufacturing in Germany. So you can be sure: The best quality is in every sound instrument.

Personally selected: Maybe you have already noticed – in our store you will find only a small, but very special collection of sound instruments. They have been selected by Olli Hess himself. This is exactly what he loves: trying out, discovering new things and, above all, making the whole universe of sounds available for everyone to experience.

This is also what makes our sound instruments so special:

    • Manufactured by hand in small factories
    • Carefully selected and tested by us
    • Produced from sustainable and regional materials
    • Made in Germany, under fair production conditions

What types of sound instruments are there?

Under the term sound instruments, a whole range of instruments are summarized. Thus, in addition to gongs and singing bowls, monochords, tambourines, wind chimes, koshis, cymbals or kalimbas are among the sound instruments.

At Olli Hess you will find a small but very special selection of sound instruments. Our assortment ranges from rain sound columns made of bamboo to sound chimes and tubular bells made of aluminum. We have chosen these instruments because we have played and tried them ourselves for a long time and are personally absolutely convinced of them.

Rainstick made of bamboo

The Rainstick – also called Rainstick – is made from a bamboo cane and has small stoppers inside, which, when the instrument is turned over, the filling material slowly trickles past in a delicate, even noise. The sound lasts up to nine minutes – depending on the size – and is reminiscent of the gentle fall of rain in the forest. The Rainstick is easy to use and its sound has a calming, relaxing and harmonizing effect.

Table Tube Play, Power Chime Sound Play and Wah-Wah Tube Tube

Power chime sound chimes are available with differently tuned single rods or also as a three-row chime model. In this sound instrument, the bars lie within a band suspension that allows them to vibrate freely. With the right mallet, you can create clear, high and long-lasting tones with the Power Chime sound chime.

The hollow tubes of a table tube chime can also be moved freely within an elastic band suspension. This allows for even more flexibility and creativity when playing. From short to an almost endless sound, you can experience it all with a table tube game. The sound instrument is also well suited for children.

The popular “wah wah” effect of the wah wah tube is created when you play it with a rubber mallet and alternately close and open the sound hole. The instrument is also very suitable in combination with gongs or other sound instruments such as a monochord or a happy drum.
All our sound instruments are not only suitable for making music, but especially for use in sound journeys or sound therapies.

What is the size and effect of sound instruments?

Since there are sound instruments in very different designs and for different uses, the size and the effect that the instrument can have on your body and mind also vary. Small sound instruments are convenient to take with you at all times – whether traveling or simply outdoors in nature. Larger ones, on the other hand, are not always easy to transport, but usually have a more voluminous sound.

Deep sound spectrums can have a grounding and confidence-boosting effect; instruments with high and overtone-rich tones stimulate and lift the mood. The perception of sound and the sensations it triggers is ultimately always a very individual experience.

However, all sound instruments have one thing in common: their sound sets your entire body in a gentle vibration and can thus affect the deepest cellular level. This helps you relax, reduce stress and slow down.

Beaters and Mallets for Sound Instruments

For your full sound experience: if you want to refine your sound instrument even further or are looking for accessories for your sound instrument, we will also support you – and not only with personal advice, but especially with our specially developed ollihess mallets and rubbers. They are available in a variety of styles, so we can find the perfect solution for you and your needs.

Sustainable and fair production

Whether we develop our products entirely in-house or source them from carefully selected partners, we keep one promise in every case: every single instrument is created from sustainable and regional materials and is manufactured in small and family-run businesses in Germany. We know the production conditions well and know that our partners ensure fair payment and just conditions. We are convinced that all this has an enormous impact on your experience with our products and especially on the sound.


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