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Gong Driver

We love our craft. All of our gong drivers are created from our own sound practice – always with the goal of creating the best sound experience for you. The heads of the ollihess gong drivers are made of soft natural rubber, which leaves absolutely no marks on your gong while playing. By lightly roughening the head, we have also managed to completely eliminate the annoying squeak. In addition to the standard models, you can also buy very unusual gong drivers in the ollihess store.

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Which ollihess gong driver should I buy online?

Generally, the larger the gong, the more options you have to play it and create a wide range of tones. At best, you have different sized mallets and reamers – so you can get the full sound spectrum out of your gong. Note that a small head generally produces higher and a large deeper sounds.

The Sound Revolution: The sound that can be produced with our gong drivers is difficult to put into words. The rubbing of the gong creates a spherical soundscape that sometimes reminds us of whale and dolphin songs, or even the famous Tibetan mantra “Om” chanted by monks. In any case, it’s a sound you’ve never heard before.

You are still unsure? When buying the right gong driver, we leave you in doubt not alone: Olli Hess takes care of your needs personally – quite uncomplicated via telephone or e-mail. With us you get an honest and sound advice and above all an open ear for your wishes and suggestions.

What is special about ollihess gong drivers?

We not only understand and love our craft – we live our products every day. Be it in our own sound practice or in the further development and implementation of new ideas.

Our gong drivers are handmade and manufactured from carefully selected materials in small factories in Germany. Each ball is thereby ground with great care to the optimal size. The right combination of materials, weight, shape and length of the gong driver creates an incomparable sound experience. 

We dare to think new: The Crazy Egg gong driver and the e-gong are quite different in appearance and shape from other models. They are a real eye-catcher and offer different surfaces when used on the gong. 

This is also what makes our gong drivers so special:

    • No squeaking while playing
    • Leave no marks
    • Hand-ground heads
    • Innovative and unusual shapes
    • Long durability
    • Sustainable and regional materials
    • Made in Germany
    • Fair production conditions

Always in balance: the head and handle of the gong driver

You know how important balance is from everyday life – but it also plays a big role in sound practice. The head and style of our gong drivers are perfectly matched in length as well as in shape and weight. Only then is your playing experience comfortable and the gong can unfold its full sound spectrum.

Head of our gong drivers: play completely without tracks and squeaks

How important the right material of the reamer head is, you may have already noticed in your own practice: not only the sound is significantly affected by it – also a low-quality beater head can leave traces on your gong, which are often difficult to remove. 

We can promise you: With an ollihess gong driver this will certainly not happen to you. The heads of our gong drivers are made of natural rubber, a relatively soft material. They are ground to the right size in precise manual work and roughened afterwards. This not only guarantees that no traces remain on your instrument – by shape and material composition, we have also ensured that no annoying squeaking occurs when rubbing..

Sustainable and fair production

The feeling of holding a particularly high-quality and, above all, sustainable product in your hand has an enormous influence on your own practice. The responsible treatment of our environment is much more than a promise for us: In the production of ollihess gong drivers, we use only regional and sustainable materials. Also in the production process, we always rely on fair conditions and a personal relationship with our partners. 

Difference between gong drivers and mallets

You’ve probably already noticed: gong drivers and gong mallets differ not only in appearance, especially in sound there are quite significant differences. These arise mainly from the different application. A gong driver is rubbed on a gong, a gong mallet, on the other hand, is used to strike a gong. By rubbing, intense vibrations can be generated, which last a long time and – depending on which area of the gong you use it – elicit very different sounds..

You can learn more about the properties of a gong mallet and the differences from the gong driver here.

ollihess gong driver for singing bowls

Many gong drivers you can use just as well when playing singing bowls: For example, the Gong Driver Lava Edition 30 and the Crazy Egg Gong Driver are ideally suited for use with a singing bowl.

Which size and design is the most suitable for your singing bowl, again depends on the size of your sound instrument as well as your personal needs and preferences. 

In principle, the rule still applies: The larger your singing bowl, the larger should also be the reamer for which you decide. More tips and our recommendations on the use of gong drivers for singing bowls you will find in the detailed descriptions of our products..

Also check out our accessories for gongs – there you will find practical things around the gong playing.

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