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Your quiet place at home: How to set up a meditation corner with and without a gong

Having a place of peace where you can switch off and listen to yourself has become even more important than ever. In the midst of a hectic everyday life, we often overhear our inner voice and forget to consciously perceive our needs. A regular meditation practice with sound is a wonderful way to calm circling thoughts, relieve stress and find inner peace.

A meditation corner or, if you have the space, a meditation room can help you find your practice on a regular basis. It should be a special place in an apartment or house that invites you to rest, relax and inspire. A gong can add magic to this space and enrich your meditation practice. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to set up and create your own personal meditation space at home, with or without a gong.

Search inspiration for the design of your meditation corner

Before you determine where you want to create your place of rest and relaxation in the future, it may help to first gather inspiration for the design. Maybe you’ve been to a sound massage practice or even a yoga or meditation studio that you particularly enjoyed? What do you find appealing? Try to remember for a few minutes why you felt particularly comfortable in these places. You can also find even more ideas for your meditation space on Pinterest.

Light colors and natural materials contribute especially to relaxation. Warm wood, soft cottons or even stone can create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere. Plants can help strengthen the connection with nature and improve air quality to do so.

Olli’s tip

Find the perfect place for your meditation spot at home

Look around your home and see what room or space you feel most comfortable in. This can be a cozy corner in your bedroom, an airy loft, or even a separate meditation room – choose a place that gives you a sense of calm and security. If you’re lucky enough to also have access to a quiet garden, this can also be a wonderful place for a meditation spot.

Meditation room with altar

Set up your meditation place individually

If you’ve gathered enough ideas and inspiration, you probably already know which colors have a pleasant effect on you, which furnishings and materials you find particularly aesthetic, and which tools help you adopt a particularly comfortable posture. There is no right or wrong here – trust your feelings completely when designing. If you are unsure whether an object is suitable for your meditation place, close your eyes for a few breaths, touch the object or take it in your hand and notice what feeling it awakens in you.

Set up an altar in your meditation corner

A small altar can support you in connecting with your inner voice and personal power. It also offers the possibility to place some items that are important for you in an appealing way. A small wooden table or a box is usually enough for this. If you like, choose other things that have special meaning to you. This can be a photo, crystals, a deck of cards or even a journal. The important thing is that the items have meaning to you and help you find a state of inner peace and clarity.

More ideas to create an altar:

  • small plants, fresh flowers or twigs
  • one or more candles
  • Incense such as incense woods, incense sticks or incense bundles and a suitable bowl or holder for it
  • soothing essential oils
  • a special book with sound rituals, meditations or mantras
  • Statues that mean something to you
  • a mala necklace

Create a meditation place with gong

A gong can enrich your meditation experience and add a special atmosphere to your meditation space. In fact, a gong alone can be the central element of a meditation room with its aesthetics and symbolism. If you already own a gong and are experienced in working with sound, you can directly consider where to place it.

For optimal sound development, you should consider the following:

  • Make sure there is enough space around the gong. So at best you should not place it directly next to an altar or other pieces of furniture, but give it enough space to unfold its vibrations.
  • It is best to position the gong on a special gong stand. It should have sufficient distance to the wall on all sides, be easily accessible for you and be visible in its full area.
  • Experiment with different positions to get the best possible sound.
  • In some traditions it is recommended to place the gong in the east, symbolizing the energy of sunrise and new beginnings.
Set up meditation place with gong

By carefully integrating the gong into your meditation space and choosing a particularly appropriate location, you can take advantage of the gong’s full sound potential and have a deep meditative experience. If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend our gong meditation for more gratitude in everyday life.

If you don’t have a gong yet but are thinking about buying one, expert advice can be helpful. Above all, it is important that you choose a gong that suits you and your needs. There are different types of gongs, sizes and materials, which bring different qualities and properties. So, take enough time to find the perfect gong for your meditation corner or room and consult an expert if you have any doubts. Olli Hess will be happy to assist you with his knowledge and experience.

Store Gong Mallets and Friction Mallets

Gong mallets and friction mallets are also aesthetic tools that you can use to enrich your meditation corner. Placed in a basket or small box, you can always keep them handy in your meditation corner. Keep in mind, however, that both mallets and reamers should be stored in a closed, light-protected package when you’re not using them. In this way, you avoid quality losses and extend their service life.

ollihess Gong Mallets at a meditation place

Be curious!
For several months now, Olli Hess has been working on new, more sustainable packaging for his mallets and reamers. It is not only intended to protect your tools particularly well from environmental influences – but is also ideal for transporting your equipment. More on that soon here in our blog.

Seating, cushions and pads for your meditation space

Whether you set up your meditation corner with or without a gong, the important thing is that you can sit or even lie down comfortably at any time. You may have different seating options available to adjust your position to your particular state of mind or meditation for the day. Special meditation cushions or meditation stools can help. You can also have a blanket and more pillows ready if you want to lie down after a sound meditation. Never be afraid to change your position even during meditation – the most important thing is to be able to relax well.

Pleasant light for your meditation place

Natural light can create a positive mood. If possible, set up your spot near a window or perhaps in a sheltered spot in the garden.

When it’s dark outside, soft, dimmed lighting from candles or dimmable lighting create a relaxing mood. Warm light with a yellow or orange tint especially promotes relaxation. Make sure that floor lamps or wall sconces have an upward light so that your meditation space is not directly illuminated.

Now you are ready to set up your own meditation corner at home with or without a gong. Change this place as often as you like and as your feeling tells you to. The beauty of this is that your personal retreat often reminds you to pause regularly and listen to your needs, even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take time regularly to meditate there in silence, play your gong, or just consciously relax your body.

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