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Why you should choose gong mallets with wellness fleece

The sound of a gong is extremely powerful. It can be profound and penetrating or gentle and touching. The size, material and shape of the gong have a decisive influence on the sound. Just as important is the gong mallet used and the materials from which it was made. Today we would like to show you the special qualities of the wellness fleece we use to wrap our batting heads.

What is wellness fleece?

Wellness fleece is a thick fleece fabric. Particularly high-quality wellness fleece, as we use in the ollihess Gong Mallets, is exceptionally soft and fluffy. Another sign of quality is the extreme density of the “fleece hair”. It ensures optimum insulation and that no “bare patches” are visible on the beater head. Nevertheless, the Mallet leaves no lint behind when used. All these properties make Wellness fleece a particularly versatile fabric and our first choice for ollihess mallets.

6 advantages of gong mallets with wellness fleece

Sonorous harmony without typical background noise

Wellness fleece gong mallets have the special ability to produce the sound of the gong in its purest form. The super-soft wellness fleece, in combination with natural rubber and felt, ensures that background noise is almost completely eliminated. As a gong player, you can concentrate fully on the beauty of the pure sounds. This enables a deeper meditative experience and relaxation as well as increased awareness of the here and now.

Durable and reliable even with frequent use

Durability and reliability are an absolute must for us when selecting the materials for our gong mallets and gong drivers. The enormous durability and resilience of wellness fleece are other important qualities that make this fabric so special. Unlike conventional materials, the high-quality wellness fleece retains its shape and structure even after frequent use.

Gentle on your gong and extremely versatile

Gongs come in different sizes and materials, from traditional Chinese gongs to silver gongs and modern versions made of special metal alloys. The ollihess gong mallets are designed so that they can be played on all types of gong and support a wide range of sound profiles. Wellness fleece has the great advantage that it is exceptionally soft and therefore guaranteed not to scratch your gong.

Easy hygiene and cleaning of the Mallet heads

Hygiene and cleaning are also important for Gong Mallets. On the one hand, because gongs – and therefore also mallets – are often used as part of sound therapies. High standards of cleanliness and hygiene are an absolute must. Secondly, because regular cleaning and care of your gong mallets is essential to achieve the best sound results. Wellness fleece is generally very easy to care for and also easy to clean: All you need is a sponge, water and a warm place to dry your mallet.

Please note: Frequent use also requires regular care and good storage of your wellness fleece gong mallets. Residues of dust, dirt or cleaning agents can cause the wellness fleece to harden over time. You should therefore maintain a regular cleaning routine for your gong and mallets and ensure that they are stored properly. In our article you will find all the important tips for cleaning and caring for gong mallets, gong drivers and gongs.

Olli Hess

Variety of colors for individual gong mallets

Aesthetics also play a major role in gong playing. The wellness fleece used for the ollihess mallet heads is available in a variety of colors. This enables us to offer the right color combination for every taste and occasion. With our colorful palette, you can emphasize your personal style and creative expression.

As you can see, wellness fleece offers a whole range of benefits. The sound without any annoying background noise should be clearly emphasized. Wellness fleece gong mallets are also durable, versatile and easy to clean. The environmentally friendly production and the variety of color options complete the list.

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