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How to boost your creativity with the gong

You may have already experienced the calming and balancing effect of the gong. Both with its sounds and its vibrations, it can touch our innermost being. What is much less well known, however, is that playing the gong can also have an effect on your creativity – in several ways. In this article, we take a closer look at how you can use the gong to boost your creativity.

Playing the gong is a creative process

There are no specific notes to follow when playing a gong. There are different playing techniques, each with its own unique sound. If you are trying out gong playing for the first time, you may find it difficult to get to grips with it. Later on, your focus will be on learning different techniques and thus expanding your skills. Nevertheless, the same playing technique sounds different for everyone. How much force do you use to play the gong? What movements does your hand make when you strike the gong? Which mallet do you particularly like? Each gong has its own characteristic dynamic – this alone has a positive effect on your creativity.

For new inspiration, you can also regularly take a look at my sound recipes. Here you will find tips on combining mallets and rubbers and special playing techniques.

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There are no classic rules for playing the gong, as is the case with other instruments. This means you can concentrate fully on your feelings and intuition. You will soon realize that you outgrow yourself time and time again. The more confident you become in playing the gong, the less your mind plays a role in your movements. More and more your intuition takes over the gong playing, while you can fully engage with the creative flow.

Release your blockages for more creativity on the gong

Playing the gong calms and relaxes. Inner blockages that prevent you from doing the things you want to do in everyday life can be slowly broken down by playing the gong. The deeper you get involved with the sounds and vibrations of the gong, the more secure you feel in the situation – you strengthen your basic trust and can concentrate fully on your needs. This can release blockages and not only contributes to a better sense of well-being, but also stimulates your creative flow.

Olli Hess plays the ollihess gong driver Tie Dye Edition

By playing the gong, you can let go of old thought patterns and beliefs more and more and open yourself up to new things. The possibilities for playing a gong are extremely varied. The result changes with every decision you make – or don’t make – during the game. This insight can be applied to life as a whole and becomes particularly clear when handling a gong. Once you have found the courage to leave rigidity behind and rely on your intuition when playing the gong, it will be all the easier for you to embrace new and creative ideas in all areas.

Everyone has a source of creativity

Do you sometimes feel that everyday life robs you of any form of creativity? Experience has shown that you are not alone in this. Over the centuries, many creative people have reported that their brilliant ideas were born in situations that have little in common with everyday life. Some people dream about the creative things they would like to do – and have a note on their bedside table to quickly record all the ideas they have gained from sleep so that they don’t get lost. For others, a creative idea comes during a relaxing walk or they need complete seclusion and isolation. In all these examples, it becomes clear that moving away from everyday life is the real source of creativity. In the stress of our fast-moving times, it is difficult to penetrate our own subconscious – the very place where creativity has its place.

Reach a creative level with gong playing

The gong is not a classical musical instrument. It is much more about accessing the inner vibrational system. You often hear the phrase: Whoever touches the gong touches the universe. We humans also reach a meditative state and thus a higher level of consciousness through the power of the sound waves when playing the gong. It doesn’t matter whether you are already experienced in playing the gong or just starting out – the gong has an effect regardless of your age, physical health or mental state. Meditation experience is also not necessary. As the gong vibrates, your body and mind vibrate with it – and with it your inner creativity, which you can access more easily. Ideas that were hidden in your subconscious can find their way back into the light.

Detach yourself from expectations

In order to find access to your inner creativity with the gong, you should first let go of your own expectations. You shouldn’t expect to have a brilliant idea for a thrilling novel after the first chime or to find complete clarity around your life plan. It is much more about letting go of all these thoughts and opening up to what may show up today. Creative success in life should not be the goal, but rather creatively expressing your inner needs with the gong. Use your own personal creative power by using the gong to reach new levels and find something that belongs to you alone.

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