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ollihess Gong Training

Olli Hess Gong Training

Olli Hess Gong Training Small group with a maximum of 8 participants In this practice-oriented gong training I will show you different playing techniques for gongs. After a theoretical part with information about the background and production of different gongs…

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ollihess gongs Freya Sadja and Wega

Gong Meditation

Gong Meditation On Wednesday, 03.05.2017 the next gong meditation will take place! Where? Uenzer Dorfstraße 71 in 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen (district Uenzen, directly at the place name sign) When. 18:30 to 19:30 How much? 20€ What else? Please bring a blanket…

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Chakra Mallet

Chakra Mallets – the hit for chakra work on the gong! For a long time this idea was slumbering in me and now the work is complete! The inspiration came 4 years ago from my son David who plays drums.…

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The kalimbula is a kalimba that is very much based on the idea of the African “mbira” and combines this with the wishes and sound habits of the western-northern musical world. Currently Hands on Drums offers an African tuning in…



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