Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line: sound power and unlimited creativity

Profi Gong Mallet Direct Line von Olli Hess

Do you already know the latest creation from Olli’s workshop? In the Professional Gong Mallet Direct Line, we combine materials in a whole new way to create a particularly powerful sound play and give you even more creativity when playing your gong. What distinguishes this Mallet and whether it is the right one for you, […]

Why natural rubber is the perfect material for gong mallets and friction mallets

Gong Driver Lava Edtition

Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials we use to make our mallets and gong drivers? Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials we use to make our mallets and friction mallets? Why? You’ll find out in this post. Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials […]

Sound waves & sound: How do the vibrations of a gong transfer to your body?

Wellen im Wasser

Gongs and singing bowls have long been an integral part of many spiritual and meditative practices. Today, the sound instruments are used mainly to help people and also animals to more relaxation and tranquility. The effect that sounds can have on the body and mind are always very complex. In this blog post, we’ll take […]

Gong meditation for more gratitude in everyday life

Frau mit Händen in Namasté

Why you can feel gratitude for every day We often pay too little attention to the supposedly small things in life for which we could be grateful every day. We have become accustomed to them or simply no longer perceive them as special. This can be, for example, a cozy bed, a meeting with long-time […]

The gong driver “Red Lava Edition” by Olli Hess – beautiful sounds, gaudy optics

We are happy to present you the Red Lava Edition gong driver by Olli Hess! With its bright color and intense sounds, it is a highlight in our range. The particularly smooth surface of natural rubber also distinguishes this gong friction mallet – it allows a unique sound play. Whether gong or singing bowl – […]

Meet the new Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet from Olli Hess

Since a short time it is finally available in our online store – the new ollihess Tie Dye Edition gong friction mallet. With its eye-catching design, unique batik pattern and novel manufacturing process, it creates beautiful and extraordinary sounds that conjure up a colorful variety in your sound game. But convince yourself of our new […]


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