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6 advantages of cork in gong mallets: sound, comfort and control

In addition to beech wood, natural rubber and wellness fleece, cork is another important component of various ollihess mallets and gong friction mallets. Thanks to the innovative processing of this special raw material, we have improved the playing experience on the gong even more for you.
Cork has a number of advantages and is used both in the heads and on the handles of our mallets. In this article, we’ll tell you why we love this material so much and what advantages it brings for you and your sound practice.

1. lightness and flexibility

Gong mallets must not only be precise to use, but also easy to handle – especially when playing the gong for long periods. Cork is an exceptionally light material. Gong mallets with a cork core allow the gong mallet to be guided effortlessly and fine nuances in sound intensity to be controlled. This means that even larger mallets such as the ollihess Profi Gong Mallet Direct Line can be used on the gong for longer periods of time – without any signs of fatigue in the arms or back. The flexibility of cork also makes it possible to create different shapes with precision. Cork is therefore extremely versatile.

2. sound quality and precision

A cork core – as you will find in the ollihess Direct Line – makes a mallet an enormously powerful tool. The mixture of cork, natural rubber and wellness fleece in the mallet head produces a rich and energetic sound. The sound is exceptionally clear and powerful, yet nuanced. These properties are particularly important when creating“white sounds“.

ollihess PGM Direct Line ball close-up
Ball of the ollihess Profi Gong Mallet Direct Line: cork core coated with natural rubber

3. shock absorption and protection of the gong

An important aspect of playing the gong is to protect the surface of the gong. Mallets and friction mallets should be designed in such a way that they do not leave scratches or residue on the gong. Cork has a natural cushioning ability that helps to gently absorb the impact. Together with the soft wellness fleece with which we wrap the ollihess mallets, your gong is optimally protected. The carefully selected materials protect the gong from damage and thus extend its service life.

4. comfort and handling

We also use cork on the handles of the professional Mallet Move Line g ong and the Lava Edition gong driver . The end of the handle is covered with cork. The texture of the material offers a particularly comfortable grip and a non-slip surface. The mallet or friction mallets lies securely and comfortably in the hand at all times.

5. versatility and adaptability

The versatility of cork is also demonstrated by its ability to produce precise and direct sounds as well as the finest tones. With the ollihess PGM Direct Line you can elicit very fine sounds from both gongs and singing bowls. It is also a good mallet for playing drums, as the rebound effect means it bounces back slightly from the head. This adaptability makes PGM Direct Line from Olli Hess an enormously versatile tool.

6. environmentally friendly material

Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak without having to cut down a tree. Thanks to the particularly sustainable harvest, the tree cycle can be kept intact and resources can be conserved. The use of cork in gong mallets supports an environmentally conscious approach to the manufacture of musical instruments.

The use of cork in gong mallets and gong drivers therefore brings a whole range of advantages for gong players. The material ensures greater lightness, special sound quality and comfort.

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