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5 reasons why you should buy a gong

An often underestimated musical instrument, with an incredibly relaxing effect is undoubtedly the gong. We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should get a gong.

The gong is undoubtedly one of the most underrated sound instruments around. At the same time, he has an incredible sound spectrum and, above all, an enormous influence on the people who listen to his tones. Our five reasons explain why you should definitely have a gong at home.

Reasons for having your own gong

1. relaxation

Everyone knows it: you come home from stressful work and can’t even really switch off at dinner with the family. The consequences of constant stress can not only affect the psyche, but can also have serious physical consequences. One example of this is burnout syndrome, which occurs mainly in people who are constantly under tension and do not allow themselves any rest periods.

But even if you sit down to rest in the evening with a book or in front of the television, your brain is still active in the background and continues to work on the problems that arise in your private life or at work. This is where physical exercise, such as jogging or lifting weights at the gym, helps many people.

If you don’t want or can’t stand additional physical exertion, playing a gong could help you achieve the relaxation you need or long for. The pleasant tones as well as the low pitch can have a particularly relaxing effect. It is particularly important in this respect that the brain concentrates on playing the gon and thus does not continue to fiddle with the tasks of everyday life. This not only ensures a pleasant feeling of well-being on your part, but your brain is once again able to think freely and develop new ideas.

2. meditation

When one thinks of a gong, monks immediately spring to mind, meditating to the sounds of a gong while murmuring the words of the mantra “Om” in unison. Meditation can take place in many different ways. For example, sitting down quietly and consciously breathing in and out is also a form of meditation, with which body and mind are brought into harmony or a deceleration of everyday life is to be made possible.

To enhance the effect of meditation, it is advisable to use a gong to produce sounds that have a calming effect. This can be done either with a gong driver or with a mallet.

3rd therapy

Sound therapies are a special form of meditation. Although in most cases these are performed with the help of singing bowls, they can also be performed with a gong. Here, too, it is primarily a matter of actively perceiving the sounds that are elicited from the sound instrument and allowing them to transport you into a kind of trance state. Through this special kind of relaxation, the mind can be freed from all unnecessary and negative energies or burdens. Not only does this make you feel more comfortable, it also makes your mind more focused and helps you concentrate on the task at hand.

4. decoration

A gong in an apartment is not only an unusual appearance, it gives the room a certain nostalgia and originality. Especially the gongs from Ollihess, which are handmade in Germany, can boast a particularly appealing aesthetic that is a real eye-catcher. Especially paired with one of our high-quality gong drivers or gong mallets, the sound instrument attracts all eyes. Probably the most striking gong driver by Olli Hess is the gong driver Lava Edition. It is entirely covered in black and therefore clearly stands out from all the other rubbers on the market.

5. call everyone together

A gong has the property that it can still be heard well from a great distance. This is one of the reasons why gongs are still used in temples today to gather the monks together for meditation. For exactly the same purpose, the gong can also be used in the private household. For example, if you want to inform your family that dinner is ready, you can use your chime for that.

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